LAVA – Iceland Volcano & Earthquake Centre is a brand new interactive educational exhibition centre dedicated to the unique volcanoes and geology of Iceland. Located in Hvolsvöllur, just off Road 1, it’s an easy day-trip from Reykjavík or a must-see addition to your South Iceland trip.

The LAVA Centre features an interactive exhibition exploring the art and science of geology and the volcanic systems in Iceland. Information from the past century’s eruptions demonstrate just how strong a presence volcanoes have in contemporary Iceland.

 LAVA, Iceland Volcano & Earthquake Centre

Feel the forces of nature as you experience an earthquake and see the Fiery Heart of Iceland, a 12m high structure simulating the Mantle plume and the magma flow underneath Iceland. In an educational learning centre you can explore the wonders of volcanoes and earthquakes through interactive computers and there’s also a cinema auditorium where visitors can see the magnificence of volcanic eruptions in HD and 4K.

 LAVA, Iceland Volcano & Earthquake Centre

LAVA will also include a Tourist Information Centre, a full size souvenir shop and a restaurant + a 360° viewing platform on top of the specially designed building.

The close proximity to many of Iceland’s most famous volcano’s, including Eyjafjallajokull volcano, the mighty Katla volcano, due to erupt, mount Hekla (Hekla has erupted 18 times since 1104, the last time in the year 2000) and many more makes Hvolsvöllur the perfect location for a volcano center.

 LAVA, Iceland Volcano & Earthquake Centre

The south of Iceland is unique and no coincidence that the greatest number of foreign visitors travel to that part of the country each year. The area offers endless possibilities for tourists and adventure enthusiasts alike, as the mountains, waterfalls, volcanoes and glaciers are good for Helicopter tours, sightseeing, hiking, horse riding, climbing, dog-sledding, super jeeps and snowmobiling, and the rivers are perfect for river rafting, fishing and much, much more. Finally, South of Iceland is a great place to see the northern lights (aurora borealis).

 LAVA, Iceland Volcano & Earthquake Centre

The LAVA Centre was recently voted No2 most exciting New Opening for tourists by Lonely Planet and the World´s newest and coolest stuff worth to put on your bucket list by The exhibition which was designed by creative agency Gagarin in cooperation with Basalt architects. Head over LAVA‘s official website to learn more.


all images and video courtesy of Gagarin