Located at the end of a pedestrian-only street, between Omotesando-dori and the subculture capital of Shibuya and Harujuku/Jingumae districts of Tokyo, Trunk Hotel surprises for its socially-conscious hospitality.

At the heart of Trunk Hotel is the desire to create a community hub, with meaningful social impact central to the concept.

 A Look Inside The Trunk Hotel in Tokyo, Japan

Achieved through thoughtful design, open, fluid spaces foster an environment rich with engagement. Two four-story structures include communal open environments including a lounge, a dining space, and an exhibition/pop-up space designed by local husband-and-wife team, Mount Fuji architects. And if all that socializing goes especially well, there is a rooftop chapel among fragrant herb gardens with bird’s-eye views.

 A Look Inside The Trunk Hotel in Tokyo, Japan

Jamo Associates designed the 15 guest rooms, ranging from single rooms to suites with private terraces and kitchens. Local elements are brought right to guests with a lauded award-winning mini-bar, including Japanese dried fruit snacks and organic locally-made amenities. Upcycled materials have new life at Trunk, the bustling terrace houses boast repurposed white boat sails which have become oversized cushions, and staff aprons are made from deadstock denim.

 A Look Inside The Trunk Hotel in Tokyo, Japan

Dining options at the hotel’s two restaurants include distinct Shibuya soul food Kushi, meticulously prepared and grilled skewers under the guidance of long-established restauranteur, Yakiniku Yuji—a leader in meat culture in Shibuya. The uniquely Japanese standing-style dining encourages a sense of ties to the culture and the interaction of diners. Trunk Kitchen on the other hand, is a cosmopolitan mix of Tokyo’s western and Japanese flavors—using a health- and eco-conscious mix of seasonal ingredients and crockery in a bistro environment.

 A Look Inside The Trunk Hotel in Tokyo, Japan

To activate community engagement, the hotel hosts Brand collaborations, a Trunk Music series, exhibitions, and workshops that draw lively gatherings in the lounge. Nomadic workers relish in tranquil work spaces, while the Trunk Store draws those in the market for eco-friendly essentials ranging from organic-made lunch boxes to recycled earthenware mugs. Designed by Torafu Architects, the store provides accessible ways for shoppers to contribute, offering selections like onigiri rice balls, wines made in Tokyo, and Trunk-branded products.

Immersing guests in Japanese customs, Trunk’s signature series of activity programs includes culinary delights, home stays with locals, live sumo wrestling shows, dining with the wrestlers themselves, and tours of the Tsukiji fish market.

 A Look Inside The Trunk Hotel in Tokyo, Japan

The neighborhood of Shibuya itself is considered the center of Tokyo’s youth culture, with an abundance of traditional Izakaya gastropubs, karaoke venues, arcades, restaurants, boutique stores, manga cafés, and art galleries. The neighborhood’s main attraction is the frenetic Shibuya crossing, where all traffic lanes are stopped for pedestrians to scramble across the road in every direction, epitomizing the silver-screen image of the hectic Japanese capital. Shibuya is also famous for its fashion scene and is home to such shopping malls as the famed Shibuya 109, Hikarie, and Parco department stores, and shop-lined streets such as Koen Dori, Center Gai, and Takeshita Street. The fastest access from the Tokyo Metro, Shibuya station is via the exit with iconic Hachikō dog statue, crossing north toward Yoyogi/Jingu-mae.

 A Look Inside The Trunk Hotel in Tokyo, Japan A Look Inside The Trunk Hotel in Tokyo, Japan A Look Inside The Trunk Hotel in Tokyo, Japan A Look Inside The Trunk Hotel in Tokyo, Japan A Look Inside The Trunk Hotel in Tokyo, Japan

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