Founded by three MIT students, Boston-based start-up Ministry of Supply has designed a self-heating smart jacket that responds to changes in temperature.

The Mercury Intelligent Heated Jacket is a tech-powered jacket that heats up, and uses machine learning to learn wearer preferences over time. It adjusts heat based off of body movement, internal temperature and external temperature.

 Self-heating Smart Jacket Responds To Changes In Temperature

The jacket, while functional on its own, also integrates with a mobile app to enable the personalization via machine learning, and is Bluetooth-enabled and can connect to Amazon Alexa. It’s the first jacket to use voice control and machine learning.


“Say someone puts on the jacket before their morning commute; the jacket’s heating system turns on once they walk outdoors. When walking to their train stop – elevating body temperature – the jacket combines both the outdoor and internal temperatures to regulate heat distribution,” explained Ministry of Supply. “Thanks to the [machine learning] technology, users never have to worry about being too hot or too cold—heat rises and falls based on any situation,” it added. “We’d be surprised if you’ll ever need another jacket.”

 Self-heating Smart Jacket Responds To Changes In Temperature

Ministry of Supply has launched the Mercury Intelligent Heated Jacket for $295 USD on Kikstarter. The company plans on shipping the jacket and by Autumn this year. The jacket’s shell is made from waterproof fabric, and has a detachable hood. It is also available in a gilet version.


all images courtesy of Ministry of Supply