Danish jewelry brand Pandora has teamed up with Melbourne experience design agency YourStudio to create an engaging multi-sensory retail store to launch their new collection, Pandora Shine. YourStudio conceptualized a beehive to create energy and excitement in Sydney’s Pitt Street Mall, and also to showcase the beautiful product using geometric shapes and gold tones.


Taking cues from Pandora’s geometric honeycomb charm design, YourStudio have designed and built an immersive 5-meter high installation called ‘The Hive’ to replicate a working beehive. This includes ‘Humming Hubs’ that incorporate scent and sound, LED light panels that mimic the movement of bees and the Pandora product housed in the scent-infused stigmas of gold-plated flowers to create a genuine multi-sensory experience. The customer has been put at the heart of the experience, engaging all senses for this dramatic launch of the new product line by Pandora.

 YourStudio Creates Beehive-shaped Pavilion For Pandora in Sydney

Once inside the customers can marvel at the honeycomb structure, be immersed in the humming hubs with the smells of honey and the rhythms of a working hive. As you walk around the hive and smell the flowers, discover the products as you lean in to get a closer smell, they reveal themselves inside the flowers like a bee collecting pollen.

 YourStudio Creates Beehive-shaped Pavilion For Pandora in Sydney

Visitors can share their experience using the #PANDORAShine hashtag on social media and take photos at the Pandora Shine-themed gif booth in the Hive. As the customers leave, they will be handed ice creams made from edible gold, the perfect reward for all the Pandora bees.

“We create human experiences that connect people through sharing and making memories together, this is a perfect example of this. Pandora’s Hive is an immersive, multi-sensory installation showcasing the new Pandora Shine collection in a really unique way,” says Danny Newman from YourStudio.

 YourStudio Creates Beehive-shaped Pavilion For Pandora in Sydney