Italian start-up Kloters has unveiled RepAir, a generdelss cotton t-shirt that cleans two cars worth of pollution from the air. The t-shirt cleans the air thanks to an insert made of ‘the Breath’, a patented material produced by Anemotech, able to neutralize pollutants, bacteria and unpleasant odors.


To start this revolution, the young start-up launches a crowfunding campaign on Kickstarter to raise awarness of the product all over the world. The campaign will be online starting tomorrow and the first that will join it, will be able to buy RepAir at the early bird price of 29 euros (about $34 USD). The aim is to reach as many people as possible to begin a “virtuous circle”, following the motto “a single t-shirt may not save the world, but many can”.

“On Kloters all the products are made thinking about 3 main values: style, comfort and sustainability,” say Federico Suria, Marco Lo Greco e Silvio Perucca, Kloters co-founders. “RepAir is born from the desire to go beyond the traditional concept of sustainable fashion.”

“Our t-shirt wants to make fashion a vehicle to raise awareness and to think of new solutions to the pollution problem through nice, comfortable and, most of all, virtuous clothing,” they add.

 Italian Start-up Kloters Unveils A T-shirt That Cleans Air From Pollution

Everyone, with RepAir, will contribute to clean the air actively, effortless, just wearing it. A daily activity, simple and necessary can become a truly ecological act. The more the people wearing RepAir, the more the world will benefits. It’s sharing ecology.

RepAir is not only produced respecting the environment, but it also acts virtuously on it thanks to its insert made of the Breath, the patented fabric that captures the pollutant molecules in the air.
Extensive laboratory tests carried out by Università Politecnica delle Marche, following international standards (UNI 11247, ISO 16000-9 and test ANSI/AHAMAC-1-2015), proved the capability of the material to absorb up to 97% of VOCs, 92% of SO2 and 86% of NOx.

 Italian Start-up Kloters Unveils A T-shirt That Cleans Air From Pollution

The material has been used so far in interior design and as external advertising banners. Kloters RepAir brings it for the first time in the fashion world, proposing a solution to air pollution that leverages the diffusion of fashion and apparel. According to projections, based on the measurements of the emissions produced by cars in Milan city centre, every t- shirt is caable to absorb the pollutants (NOx e VOC) of two cars.

 Italian Start-up Kloters Unveils A T-shirt That Cleans Air From Pollution

RepAir has a classic design, proposed in 4 colors (black, white, blue navy and green army). It is made to last longer and not to be subject to the seasonal collections, to combine aesthetic refinement and environmental attention. The t-shirt incorporates inside its pocket the insert made of the Breath. RepAir works with zero-impact and doesn’t need to be activated or powered by any external energy sources. The insert is composed of three layers: the two external ones, anti-bacterial and printable, filter the air; the inner core, enhanced by nano molecules, trap and disgregate the pollutants and the unpleasant odors.