Thai architecture firm Integrated Field has converted a former art gallery in Bangkok, Thailand, into the new ‘Cuisine de Garden BKK’, a modern cuisine restaurant where every detail is inspired by nature.

Preserving the existing structure and an old gigantic tree in the backyard, the designers presented this aesthetic sense of nature through the imaginative garden by capturing and bringing in the beauty of the natural outdoor atmosphere into the restaurant.

 Cuisine de Garden BKK Restaurant

The restaurant design is meant to be an escape space from the buzzing city indulging in the imaginative garden. Once visitors step into the restaurant, they will be amazed by different sizes of real trees that were selected and planted freely which are similar to random seating. These design approaches create not only chillax atmosphere like dining in a real garden but also generate perfect space between seating.

 Cuisine de Garden BKK Restaurant Cuisine de Garden BKK Restaurant

At the back of the restaurant is the highlighted space that was designed to be a bar which is called ‘The Firefly Bar’. Bringing back the designer’s childhood moment when the city was full of abundant nature, tiny LED lights were freely installed under the ceiling where black color was perfectly painted creating the illusion of a dark sky. Consequently, it brings about an effect as if fireflies glow in the sky.

 Cuisine de Garden BKK Restaurant Cuisine de Garden BKK Restaurant

For lighting design, as the designers intended to create two different types of atmospheres serving different functions, ‘adjustable down-lights’ are meant to spot on the table with a warm white color serving function on the table, while ‘cold white color’ is used to project to the trees. This approach creates the effect of moonlight lifting the natural outdoor atmosphere for the space. Visitors will find that they are dining under the trees on a starry night and at the same time taking on the nature-inspired culinary journey.