There are not many lucky people who can say they did not have ants in their home. Us, the others, well, we’ve fought our way back to normal a lot. In the US, ants represent the number one problem regarding pests. There are more than 700 species and more than 20 types that get into the homes of people. We’ve written this article to give you some tips on how to stay away from ants. If you need an ant exterminator, you came to the right place.

 Tips and Tricks on How to Free Your Home of Ants

Where they stay – It’s true, most of them hang out on the kitchen – is not that surprising though. The kitchen is full of water and food and that’s what ants like (other pests, too) and what they need in order to survive. Also, bedrooms, living rooms, bathrooms, inside walls, basement – all of these can also attract ants.

Get rid of the water sources – You reduce moisture, so you prevent your home from getting ants. Leaky pipes – repair them. Don’t forget to check for moisture under sinks. Also, using a dehumidifier might not be a bad idea either when it comes to basements or attics. Outside your house, make sure that the gutters work as they’re supposed to.

Get rid of the food sources – Your kitchen needs to be tidy for ants not to come into your home. Clean the counters and sweep the floors constantly to get rid of crumbs and another residue from the spill. The food should be stored in sealed pest-proof containers and the fruits should be placed in the refrigerator. The sticky jars should be cleaned, especially if we’re talking about syrup, honey or soda. Trashcans should have a lid and the trash should be cleaned regularly.

 Tips and Tricks on How to Free Your Home of Ants

Take care of the pets – Dogs and cats are like an invitation for ants to get into your house. Food bowls and water bowls are the ones that attract them, so make sure they’re cleaned regularly. Place the dry food in the sealed plastic container, not in paper bags, as the pest can easily get in them. Also, the dog and cat doors should be checked – don’t let the pests go in from there. They fit through the smallest holes, so make sure there aren’t any.

Get rid of the access points

You should take a look at the outside of your house, at all the access points. Trim the bushes and the trees, because the branches can and will give the ants a way in. Any crack from outside your house should be sealed, by using silicone caulk. Also, make sure you check the place where the utility pipes enter.