Barcelona-based firm Tarruella Trenchs Studio has recently completed the new Hotel Icon Embassy by Petite Palace in Madrid, Spain. The concept proposed by the Spanish design team brings back the original sophistication of the existing palace – located on Serrano Street – and invites both hotel guests and passers-by to be part of one of the most elegant shopping streets in Madrid; showing its interior space as an extension of the street with its vegetation, fashion shops, terraces and gastronomy.

 Hotel Icon Embassy by Petite Palace, Madrid, Spain

The new image of the Hotel plays with a black line over white motif as the common denominator of all the spaces to evoke a sophisticated French flair. The ceiling light coming from a skylight, the play of reflections, the abundant vegetation, the black wooden linear patterns on ceilings and on lattices, and the nod to fashion with color accents on several printed fabric screens fill both the entrance and reception lobby spaces.

The contemporary design blends with the classical heritage of the building to achieve both sophisticated and modern spaces that intertwined with each other and welcome guests to enjoy every corner of it. The reception is designed in a lesser central and predominant position to make more room for the social areas of the hotel that occupy the entrance space. This volume, free of black stone, also combines the use as a bar on its rear, connecting consecutively the adjoining spaces, and inviting guests to come in and taste the new menu offer.

 Hotel Icon Embassy by Petite Palace, Madrid, Spain

The restaurant/cafeteria is more enclosed and with less natural light. It keeps the pattern of black slats on the ceiling and opens itself towards the reception lobby, where plenty of wood tables and bookshelves, leather benches and velvet chairs dress the space. The aim was to create a more intimate and cozy space that contrasts with the luminosity of the lobby and dining room located in the backyard. At the end of this interior walkthrough, starting at Serrano street, there is a large dining room flooded by zenithal light, vegetation and outdoor furniture. The space, which is cooler than the previous one, plays with the use of natural stones and woods, wicker, linen fabrics and rugs made of natural fibers to evoke the idea of being inside a greenhouse.

 Hotel Icon Embassy by Petite Palace, Madrid, Spain

In the guest rooms, the presence of black and white tones predominates and brings calmness, comfort, and sophistication to the space. Both in corridors and rooms, a black wooden trim runs along the edges of all the spaces. At the corridors, black floorings and ceilings accentuate the contrast against the white walls and the small wall lamps of dimmed light that signal the rooms. In these last ones, the pattern of black slats on the ceiling of common areas is used again, but this time it is applied on one of the vertical walls. The coziness and comfort of the space is achieved by dressing the oak wooden floors with large woolen rugs in warm tones, thick cotton curtains, velvet armchairs, walnut furniture and table lamps. The bathroom, following the same criteria, has contrasting accents in black raw steel used on the profiles of the shower screen and the structural support of the washbasin, where only a large geometrical mural made with black and white tiles stands out.

 Hotel Icon Embassy by Petite Palace, Madrid, Spain Hotel Icon Embassy by Petite Palace, Madrid, Spain Hotel Icon Embassy by Petite Palace, Madrid, Spain Hotel Icon Embassy by Petite Palace, Madrid, Spain