UK architecture firm Michaelis Boyd has just completed the design of Buns & Buns, an eclectic restaurant offering a curated selection of innovative and traditional dishes paired with breads and buns from around the world. The restaurant is located in one of London’s most iconic destinations, Covent Garden’s Piazza. The playful but architecturally driven design concept responds to the eclectic menu as well as the rich history of its London setting.

 Buns & Buns, London, UK / Michaelis Boyd

Situated in Covent Garden’s North Hall, the restaurant is uniquely free-standing, set away from the historic buildings of the piazza. The space is surrounded by metal framed glazing giving the restaurant an industrial aesthetic and connecting diners to the buzzy atmosphere of the market outside.

The open theatre kitchen in the centre of the space is flanked by a low-level bar clad in marble and provides additional space for dining. The kitchen echoes the restaurant’s position within the former flower market and the wider context of the theatricality of Covent Garden, acting as a focal point for diners and passers-by who can watch the busy chefs preparing a variety of dishes. Diners can also sit at the curved open-plan cocktail bar which is clad in green leather with a sleek, white marble top.

 Buns & Buns, London, UK / Michaelis Boyd

Michaelis Boyd has used a vibrant color palette for the restaurant which sets the space apart from the monotone stone buildings of the surrounding market. The exuberant color palette is married with bold stained-glass paneling, copper accents and a range of contemporary lighting, including warm filament bulbs which are strung above the restaurant. The space also features bold geometric flooring in warm earthy tones, leather seating and an abundance of greenery.

 Buns & Buns, London, UK / Michaelis Boyd

Michaelis Boyd’s intention was to create another world within the restaurant in which the diner feels as if they are stepping from the market into something unique. The colors used in the design are also a nod to the restaurant’s own heritage, drawing on the art-deco influences of Miami, where Buns & Buns’ first restaurant was opened.

 Buns & Buns, London, UK / Michaelis Boyd Buns & Buns, London, UK / Michaelis Boyd Buns & Buns, London, UK / Michaelis Boyd Buns & Buns, London, UK / Michaelis Boyd Buns & Buns, London, UK / Michaelis Boyd