Following the launch of its Beijing and Shenzen branches in 2018, MUJI hotel will open its third venue in the brand’s hometown Japan early next month. Described by the Japanese brand as “anti-gorgeous, anti-cheap” MUJI Hotel offers great sleep at the right price, provides a space supporting both body and soul while away from home, and connects travellers to local communities. 

 MUJI Hotel Ginza, Tokyo, Japan

MUJI hotel Ginza, same as MUJI hotel Beijing which opened last year in Beijing, China, is operated by UDS in planning, interior design and management under the supervision of Ryohin Keikaku in terms of total concept and interior design. The hotel seeks to present and express the MUJI philosophy to the customers. It aims at becoming a base for customers to enjoy a deeper taste of Ginza, a place where the olden meets the modern, and to provide a comfortable environment as if the journey is an extension of the everyday life.

MUJI hotel Ginza will occupy the sixth to tenth floors of the new MUJI global flagship store, which will also include a MUJI diner and Atelier MUJI Ginza, a ‘multi-purpose facility of design and culture’ with two galleries, a salon, a library, and a lounge. Also, on the first floor, there will be a special food area selling fresh fruits and vegetables from farms near Tokyo.

 MUJI Hotel Ginza, Tokyo, Japan

Interior decorations concentrate on natural materials such as wood, stone, and soil. The common area applies materials that have the flavor of time, such as flagstone of tramway from 50 years ago and the waste materials from ships. Services such as Ginza tour conducted by the hotel staff or the rental service of running wear are also in preparation.

 MUJI Hotel Ginza, Tokyo, Japan

All the 79 rooms make elaborate efforts to support both body and soul while away from home. It wishes to create a sense of comfort as relaxing as home. We select mattress base on the research of sleep and posture, provide towels with a soft feeling of textile and arrange lighting devices which induce nature and high-quality sleep. There are 9 types of elongate rooms facing the window, including rooms equipped with Tatami (Japanese straw floor covering), rooms equipped with bunk bed and rooms that can host 3 to 4 customers. Some of the items and devices used in the hotel rooms can also be purchased at MUJI store located from the first to the sixth floor.

 MUJI Hotel Ginza, Tokyo, Japan MUJI Hotel Ginza, Tokyo, Japan MUJI Hotel Ginza, Tokyo, Japan MUJI Hotel Ginza, Tokyo, Japan MUJI Hotel Ginza, Tokyo, Japan MUJI Hotel Ginza, Tokyo, Japan MUJI Hotel Ginza, Tokyo, Japan MUJI Hotel Ginza, Tokyo, Japan