Deco aesthetic and a pastel-tinted palette define the new Queens caffè bistro designed by the architect Serena Rosato, founder of the Italian architecture office Diorama Atelier, in southern Italy. Queens is a welcoming and sophisticated restaurant, where a clever mix of geometric patterns, bright arches, Palladian surfaces, colored coverings, and refined materials creates a warm and rich atmosphere.

The restaurant is conceived as a single and flexible space; on one side the counter with angular shape is designed to match the walnut wood to the cobalt-blue slat and copper edging, while at the opposite a blue velvet sofa winds the corner. The large luminous arches on the walls create an optical illusion inspired by the scenography of the American movies from the 20s.

 Queens Caffè Bistro, Molfetta, Italy / Diorama Atelier

In the dining area, the pearly orange profiles frame the striped polycarbonate surfaces concealing a romantic “jardin d’hiver”. On the bar side, small antiqued mirror panels create an optical illusion doubling the space. Suspended on the counter, wireframe elements are lighted up by a series of small opaline bulbs. 

 Queens Caffè Bistro, Molfetta, Italy / Diorama Atelier

The main wall becomes the trait d’union between the interiors elements with a wainscoting composed by pearly orange metal profile, cobalt staved panels and mirrored surfaces all lighted up with a crown of light bulbs. The background is composed of a typical Art deco pattern with powdery shades. The back wall is designed to incorporate a custom-made bottles display and a removable serving hatch, reminding a free-standing cocktail bar.

 Queens Caffè Bistro, Molfetta, Italy / Diorama Atelier

The corridor leading to the toilet is painted with pastel Palladian finish turning the space into a small playful tunnel with alternating narrow mirrored arches and vintage round appliques. All furnishings – from the counter to the wine display, from tables to sofas – are born from the successful cooperation between Diorama and local artisans.