Buying an engagement ring on a budget does not mean your lovely woman is low class! However, a budgeted purchase deepens your pocket to splurge for your honeymoon. Yes, splurge on your honeymoon because it’s time for the newlyweds to enjoy that dream destination! Honeymoon is a great moment to stay in a five-star hotel and go to the best restaurants.

Preparing a budget for an engagement ring helps you to save a lot of money for your honeymoon. Financial freedom helps you to choose what to eat comfortably as you enjoy lovely moment together with your partner. The following are five ways to save on your engagement ring so that you can splurge your honeymoon.

1. Be flexible on Carat, Clarity, and Color

The size and weight of the carat seems to obsess many people. There is an illusion that the bigger the ring the more stunning or beautiful it appears. Apparently, size makes the ring more expensive rather than beautiful.

Are you thinking of developing affordable engagement rings? Coming up with affordable rings needs you to be a little bit flexibility on clarity and color. The more perfect diamond is the more expensive it cost. You can still have a beautiful ring with a smaller size diamond which is classy and beautiful. The one thing you should not compromise on is the cut. The cut is the shape of the diamond this will affect how the diamond sparkles.

You should ensure that you get a ring which has an excellent cut because unique cuts make a ring beautiful.

2. Buy Gold instead of Platinum

Platinum rings are expensive compared to gold. Instead of spending money on expensive metal like platinum for your ring, you can opt for a less expensive metal like gold. Gold is still beautiful; you can choose white gold which has a stunning appearance and save your hundreds of bucks.

 5 Ways You Can Save on Your Engagement Ring so You Can Splurge on Your Honeymoon

3. Go for Custom Made engagement ring

It sounds good to publicize your custom-made ring. You can have your unique ring made by a jeweller to save a few bucks. Custom-made rings allow you to have the power to propose your design based on your budget. Additionally, you can propose a design which best suits your wife and makes you happy at the same time.

When you work closely with a jeweler, you may design a unique ring from his experience, expertise and connection in jewelries. Jewelers have great experiences in engagement rings that are not only friendly but also affordable.

4. Choose Gemstone instead of Diamond

Most girls desire to have diamonds for their engagement rings.  Apart from diamonds, you can go for colored gemstones. There are beautiful ranges to choose from purple tanzanite, and sapphire, to ruby stone. Although it’s hard to compare the quality of these gemstones with a diamond, well, you can save money and still have a stunning and beautiful ring.

One thing you shouldn’t compromise is the quality of the gemstone. You need to ensure that you go for the game stone that is best in quality.

 5 Ways You Can Save on Your Engagement Ring so You Can Splurge on Your Honeymoon

5. Suitable Timing to Purchase the Ring

Many people plan their engagements during the festive seasons around November to February.  Although, there is no perfect time to buy these engagement rings, but, you should try and order a ring sizer online for these engagement rings three to two months before the due date.

Timing allows you to have enough time to do research and shop around. In case you’re making a custom made ring you will have enough time to design and come up with the best choice for your lover.

Final Verdict

Engagement rings mean a lot in most people’s lives. However, the ring should not make you to spend all your savings in trying to obtain the best ring from a retailer. Always look for alternatives and have an idea of what triggers you to spend on that specific ring. Well, the more you save on an engagement ring the more resources you create to splurge on your honeymoon.

The best thing about an engagement ring is that you can always upgrade the ring. If you bought something simple you can swap it for a fancy ring for your lovely wife to wear it proudly. Honeymoon comes once in a lifetime! Therefore you need to make it hilarious with a favorable engagement ring which saves some of your bucks to spend during the honeymoon.