Wedding rings portray your personality, so you may either be traditional or favor alternative wedding rings. There are so many types of alternative wedding bands available today. From custom designs to fingerprints, Celtic inspired, metal and wood combo, etc. Again, who says it has to be a ring when you and your spouse can just get matching tattoos.

These are all kinds of weird wedding rings chosen by couples for diverse reasons. Could be due to activity, sentimental purposes or rare preference. And this has taken the jewelry industry by storm, pull out all juices of creativity.

We’ll take a look at 9 metal and non-metal wedding rings, so come with us for some inspiration. And, don’t forget to get your bridal boxes, you’ll find the cutest ring dish in one of them.

Metal – Wood Blend

This is a rare wedding ring, a handcrafted blend of sanded and polished wood plus metallic elements. These materials get more unique owing to their sources. They could be wood from whiskey barrel of Jack Daniels or titanium gotten from ejector nozzle of a reconnaissance plane. Even better when they are reclaimed and polished teak wood from the deck of USS North Carolina. These are unique wedding band materials that bring with them a vintage and classic aura.

Fingerprints Rings

No two people in the world have the same fingerprints, not even identical twins. So fingerprints rings make some of the most personalized rings types. Jewelers have come up with the fingerprint style to personalize rings. The couple will adorn their rings with each other’s fingerprints. This will also make excellent engagement ring styles for engaged couples. They can either present it on the outside for the world to see. Or make it a secret between the two of them by inscribing it inside the rings.

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Tattoo Alternatives

Daring couples mustn’t wear a traditional ring to show commitment. Some of the prettiest wedding rings come in tattoos. The upside is that these tattoos are laden with meaning. Couples can choose to sign up their initials on each other’s ring fingers that a traditional ring can cover. They could also go bold by inking infinity signs, wedding dates or something that holds meaning to them. With or without a ring on, adventurous couples have their permanent commitment to 24/7. The options are limitless.


Silicone wedding rings are about the most comfortable, and the industry’s darling at the moment. This is because more and more people are getting active today. Metal rings will either scratch or lose their luster. But a silicone plastic ring assures both comfort, durability, and safety. If you and your spouse are the active kinds, this is your go-to.

Waveform Alternative Rings

The waves from the sounds you and your beloved make can be truly transformed into a rare wedding ring. This unique piece is created using the waves from your vows to each other. Make a recording of when you say your vows, and mail the file to a jeweler. The jeweler will make casts of your vows in 3D into your rings. Genius!

Bespoke Wedding Rings

Take control of your ring by picking out unique wedding band materials and designing it yourself. This is a very perfect way of asserting your personality. Look out for jewelers that offer both consultation and design services. They will listen to your ideas and hand-sketch your ring. You’d see a 3D computer prototype of your design, which they will use to handcraft your custom piece.

Rings of Wood

If you’re a couple who’s eco-conscious and love to be one with nature, this is for you. These are simply wood rings are handmade in Chicago. Each ring originates from a single piece of reclaimed wood and upheld with industrial-strength adhesive. The adhesive isn’t toxic and has no volatile organic compounds. You’re guaranteed to refinish for the lifetime of each of the rings. They are more masculine and are perfect non-traditional men’s wedding bands.

 9 Alternatives To A Classical Wedding Band

Alternative Cutlery Rings

Made out of recycled vintage and antique silver cutlery, it originates from Northern Ireland. Live up the something old phrase and handcraft rings from old silver cutlery. It’s quite an unconventional beauty. The Duchess of Cornwall will agree.

Alternative Celtic Inspired Rings

Tilting towards the traditional, this is for couples who are either Irish or love Celtic inspirations. The dynamics of the breathtaking simple Celtic knot to the detailed and dainty Claddagh design is sophistication. However, a couple wants their ring, whether simple or over the top, there’s something to suit. The Claddagh ring is tied to many legends, but some facts can’t be quite disputed. The crown symbolizes royalty, hands signify friendship, and heart signifies love. All these facts are perfect reasons to make commitments. The Irish heritage is full of depth and meaning.

Beautiful alternative wedding rings make sound statements on the bearer’s finger. See options and pick one that suits your personality.