Tiger Kyiv is a small Asian restaurant located on a busy street in the center of Kyiv designed by local studio SHOVK. Here you can have lunch, hold a business meeting or just have a cup of coffee. So the interior had to be calm, unobtrusive, but at the same time arouse interest and a desire to go inside with passers-by. Therefore, the design team decided to use bright colors in the entrance, while in the main hall to use contrasting but soft combinations of colors and materials.

 Tiger Kyiv Restaurant, Kyiv, Ukraine / SHOVK

The Tigers’ feature is an open kitchen behind yellow glass and a seven-meter bar counter made of stainless steel. According to the concept, Tiger is supposed to be a kind of oasis in a hot and bustling city – that’s why the architects decided that there had to be a lot of greenery.

 Tiger Kyiv Restaurant, Kyiv, Ukraine / SHOVK

Since the restaurant turns into a lounge bar in the evening, both daytime and nighttime lighting scenarios were provided. During the day, the space must be well lit, even in cloudy weather, so that visitors can work comfortably, read, take photographs, and also so that the interior does not look gray and gloomy. While in the evening illumination creates pleasant, cozy and warm twilight.

 Tiger Kyiv Restaurant, Kyiv, Ukraine / SHOVK

Great attention was paid to ergonomics – SHOVK rounded the corners of the tables and instead of the standard four legs they used one leg in the center of the table, in order to make it more convenient for guests to sit and get up from the tables.

As for the facade – the studio just cleaned it of air conditioners, advertisements, outbuildings and other objects that create visual noise, and put several tables, chairs, and umbrellas along the street.