Znamy Się architects has recently completed the Ósmy Proces (The Eighth Process), a unique craft beer bar located Zielona Góra, Poland, on the ground floor of a pre-war tenement house. The bar serves many different types of craft beers from eight different taps. Guests can taste a wide range of craft beers and at the same time learn about production and brewing traditions. Thanks to this, The Eighth Process has not only a gastronomic but also an educational function, which becomes a unique value of this place.

 Ósmy Proces Beer Bar, Zielona Góra, Poland / Znamy Się

The process of designing this interior has begun with an analysis of various types of craft beers, their history and the way they are produced. Craft breweries focus on diversity and craftsmanship, which results in many beer styles, each of them different and unique. What is unchangeable is the general way of manufacturing, which is usually divided into several processes.

No matter what style of beer we are dealing with, the eighth process, i.e. tasting craft beers is always indispensable. On this basis, brand name, visual identification and the idea for interior design were created.

 Ósmy Proces Beer Bar, Zielona Góra, Poland / Znamy Się

The interior of The Eighth Process combines the history of craft beer with the modern production of it. The existing brick walls and beams have been preserved and trapezoidal sheet metal has been used as the main material. Due to that, old factories and modern warehouses served as a reference. The use of omnipresent black makes the place intimate and elegant.

 Ósmy Proces Beer Bar, Zielona Góra, Poland / Znamy Się

On the background of black walls and a mirror foil ceiling, a long linear lamp was designed, which is a symbol of the design idea i.e. process. The lamp is reflected in the mirror wall and thus enhances the linearity effect. In addition, the interior is illuminated by shelves made of over a thousand bottles, which give the interior a unique character. Along the brick wall, there is a line of tables. They create the impression of one long table at which you can relax and taste craftsmanship beers together.