Relocating internationally can be daunting, especially if you do not know anything about the country. To settle down in a completely new city it is important to change a bit of your lifestyle and adjust according to the local customs. If you’re interested in being an expat, then Switzerland is the place to go.

Here are a few things you should know about and probably do before you finally start living there.

1. Get a residential permit and acquiesce the documents to your consulate

The first and foremost thing you need is a valid passport and visa for a three-month stay in the country. If you plan on staying longer then you need to gain a residence permit called “Ausländerausweis” in German.

The permits are of three types namely, short –term permits meant for those who would want to stay lesser then a year’s time, annual permits for those who plan to stay longer than 12 months but not for indefinite time period and lastly permeant permits for those who want to settle in country for an indefinite time period.

Swiss don’t like foreign people in their country so much, so to obtain a residence permit you have to have a job offer letter and the job has to be such that cannot be done by a Swiss national.  Once that is done you have to submit the document in the Switzerland embassy in your country. The documentation covers an application, job offer letter, two photographs, passport, and the visa process fee. It usually takes up to 6-8 weeks to get the whole process done.

 Making the International Relocation to Switzerland: Here are things you need to know

2. Find international moving companies in Switzerland

The hardest part of an international move is the shipping of household items. To ship your things, you will need to select one from all the international moving companies Switzerland.

You can move furniture, appliances, clothes and many other things through these moving companies. However, you will have to decide when you would do them. You have two choices, one can be before you arrive in Switzerland and the other option is a family member can help ship them after you have settled down.

Also, items are ship free of import charge, for that you will have to fill a form and present it at the customs office.

 Making the International Relocation to Switzerland: Here are things you need to know

3. If you’re moving with kids, look for schools

Schools in Switzerland will definitely have a different curriculum if your kids find it hard to adjust you can admit them in international schools. In international schools, the students are given the choice between an advanced program or an international baccalaureate program. Also, the common language is English and you might want to pick the school which is near your residence for a manageable commute for them.

4. Health insurance in Switzerland

Switzerland is an expensive country; hence you need health insurance. Some insurance companies offer international/ travel charges. However, you should check, some insurance companies don’t cover you in foreign countries. If your health insurance covers you in Switzerland, you will have to register the insurance in the residency office of the canton you will reside in. Foreigners have a three-month deadline to register, after which they will tell you if your insurance plan is acceptable or you will have to register for the Swiss health care plan.

 Making the International Relocation to Switzerland: Here are things you need to know

5. Enjoy and Embrace the experience

Moving to a new country is a great experience and you should take advantage of this opportunity. Switzerland is made up of three regions namely Italian, French and German. Find out all the best cities to live in Switzerland and at least plan a stay in them on your off days.  Explore the culture, tradition in a country filled with heritage. It will take time to adjust but once you learn the trick you can enjoy the country experience to its fullest in Switzerland.