Located in Soho, New York, Sage Collective was conceived by local firm New Practice Studio as a place for wellness lifestyle with cross-cultural reference. The interior design takes its cues from traditional Chinese garden where depth of space is articulated through juxtaposition of different spatial focuses.

 Sage Collective, New Yor, USA / New Practice Studio

The space is organized with a retail section in the front, a food and beverage area in the center and a semi-private tearoom in the back. Two custom-made cabinets with subtle indirect lighting display artisan objects curated from Asia.

 Sage Collective, New Yor, USA / New Practice Studio

The food and beverage section is highlighted by a transformative bar closet, rendering the shop a cozy teahouse during the day and a moody bar during the night. The semi-private tearoom is surrounded by contemporary interpretation of bamboo landscape, creating a sense of intimacy in contrast to the open space in the front. The articulation of wood, rattan and stone with a desaturated template creates a simple and subtle ambience.