We decorate our homes with the utmost care so that every guest feels welcome and cozy within the walls of our home. But, it can get too homey for some unattended guests like pests, which can prove to be a handful owing to their ability to destroy our peace and property.

Pests enter our home from various inlets and get busy destroying their preferred area of interest like termites destroy furniture and mosquitoes ruin the health of your blood. 

There exist various types of pests, and each one has a different extermination method. Therefore, we have listed here different ways required to deal with different types of pests so that you can save your home and loved ones from the agony of these buggers.

1. Dealing with Ants:

Ants can be a considerable headache, especially during the summers, because they will always be around like unattended guests whenever you start eating something. All you have to do is trace their nest patiently, and then you can add some ant killer which can be bought from a hardware shop. Moreover, you can also use natural remedies like lemon juice and cayenne pepper to divert them.

2. Dealing with Mice:

Mice can cause severe damage to your household because they gnaw everything that comes in their way, be it clothes, electrical wires, or other valuables. They usually enter as a group in winters to look for warmth and shelter. Also, rat droppings need to be handled with care as these carry disease-causing bacteria that may spread in the household.

They can be exterminated using good old mouse traps, and there are also various types of poisons available in the market to kill mice. Place such toxins in places like ducts, holes and the attics, because these are the places where they are most likely to be. Once they are exterminated, block such inlets to keep your house safe from rodents.

 How To Deal With Various Types Of Pests At Home?

3. Dealing with Wasps and Bees:

If you have wasps and bees in your home, then it is highly likely that there is a nest nearby. These are not the type of pests that you should try to handle yourself other than by keeping the inlets to your home closed. But if the problem gets worse, call professionals like the ones available at Responsible Pest Control because they will handle these pests appropriately.

4. Dealing with Termites:

Termites are one of the most dangerous pests because they make their existence visible after they have inflicted a lot of damage to your furniture and other wooden structures. Therefore, you must be proactive and look for them in the wooden bodies of your home. You can kill them with boric acid as well as by exposing them to extreme temperatures like in sunlight and freezer.

5. Dealing with Moths:

Moths love to feast on wool clothes and natural fibers and therefore, can prove to be infuriating because you will find your favorite hoodies perforated ruthlessly. Moths are not limited to your clothes, but they can also exist on the carpets and can be killed by insecticide sprays. Like termites, they can also be killed by sealing the infected garment in a plastic bag and freezing it.

If not appropriately dealt with, pests can make your life hell; therefore, you must be familiar with different disposal techniques for different pests mentioned above.