An Axios/SurveyMonkey poll revealed that 72% of singles agree that relationships that begin online are successful than those that start offline, according to Dating Sites Reviews. Thanks to online dating sites and apps, asking a potential partner out on a first date is less complicated than ever. However, first dates have a set of challenges that may reduce the chances of going on a second one. To ensure you get follow-up dates without sacrificing your happiness, you must follow the right steps on how to make an event more special and successful.

Plan Ahead

No matter how long you have been looking forward to scoring a date, you will feel nervous, excited, and worried when a potential partner agrees to meet you. Planning your first date ensures you get everything right and maximize the chances of going out on follow-up dates. Start by keeping your pre-date anxiety under control, choose the right outfit, think of how to start a good conversation, and practice to be a good listener. This way, you will avoid common first date mistakes like demonstrating poor listening skills, being late or talking about your ex.

 How to Give a Good Impression on Your First Date

Try Something Different and Exciting

Instead of setting up caffeine or an alcohol-induced date, try something unique and fun. Consider going to recreational places such as escape rooms, museums, or parks. There are also plenty of impressive first date ideas both of you can enjoy. For example, you can attend a design fair if both of you love designing spaces or anything to do with architecture. You can also take a cooking or baking class, get artsy, or even go bowling.

 How to Give a Good Impression on Your First Date

Location Matters

Before choosing a location for your first date, think through the details in advance. Remember, a perfect place guarantees comfort, convenience, and matches your mutual interests. This allows both of you to share the best experiences, which could lead to a second date or long-term romantic relationship. Therefore, be thoughtful of the location’s design. Make sure the sitting arrangement and atmosphere make your partner feel appreciated and valued.

A successful date requires some pre-planning and preparations. Prepare a checklist of where you will go and what you will do beforehand. If you can’t decide on the best location or activities, there is no harm in being spontaneous, like going to the park, museum, or engaging in outdoor activities.