What’s a better way than a wedding by the water to embrace the romance of the season? The pretty bodies of water, lush trees, and enviable views make the ideal setting for a fairytale wedding. From beachfront to lakeside destinations, there are different ways to have a wedding near the water.

The best thing about planning your wedding by the water is that nature becomes your main decoration. The views are enviable, and the water features offer multiple options to enjoy the surrounding greenery. There are several different locations that include these beautiful sights.

1. Lakeside Retreat

A lakeside wedding with its laid-back theme makes an ideal option for the rustic bride. There are various options when it comes to making your lakeside wedding more memorable. For instance, you can use the barn as a reception hall or use rustic décor and details like green floral vines, anchor-inspired wooden keepsakes, etc.

To make things more fun, consider making an entrance in a canoe or a boat. You can also bring the lake into your photos by holding the ceremony near the pier and make the moment even more beautiful. A few other ideas for a lakeside wedding include incorporating coastal elements into your decoration and romantic lighting to bring your theme full circle.

2. Posh by the Poolside

Whether it is a tropical poolside wedding, or a backyard one, a pool is always an excellent feature. You could rent out an extravagant house in the woods or hold your wedding at a hotel to incorporate the pool into your wedding with style. However, when it comes to a poolside wedding, decorating your pool is perhaps your primary concern. 

For a chic and sophisticated look, decorate the pool with fabulous floats made of flowers. Hanging balloons over the pool will also look fantastic. Additionally, choose floating arrangements with candles, flowers, or flower petals or opt for moss monograms. Find the perfect wedding dress to match the elegant venue. It would be best to wear royal blue bridesmaid dresses and groomsmen to suit the theme. With this, you are all set for your unique poolside wedding.

Find the perfect wedding dress to match the elegant venue. It would be best to wear royal blue bridesmaid dresses and groomsmen to suit the theme. With this, you are all set for your unique poolside wedding.

5 Ideas For A Wedding By The Water  

3. Beachside Bash

With sand in your toes, the sun setting on the horizon, and waves crashing loudly, there is something so romantic and relaxing about a beach wedding that it is no wonder so many couples opt for a beach wedding. Start by choosing a lightweight wedding dress that is flowy and airy. Then, find a creative beach-themed wedding cake and consider embellishing it with decorations like edible shells, corals, beach chairs, sand, and starfishes. 

Also, think about decorations and invitations. You should ensure that your beach theme is reflected in all aspects of your wedding. Lastly, plan for a backup idea in case it rains. Have cute umbrellas ready for you, the bridesmaids, and even the guests. Also, consider arranging an indoor venue in case of bad weather.

4. On a Boat

The nautical wedding theme is great for a couple who prefers relaxing and having a good time on their big day. Both aesthetic and polished, holding your wedding on a cruise ship or a sailboat will give you unforgettable memories. Considering the space, you might want to call for a smaller guest list. 

To complement the views, decorate the space in a way that feels personal without obstructing the scenery. Adding flagpoles, compass centerpieces, and lanterns is a great way to add extra charm to the venue. You can also forego the traditional card box and stick to a lobster trap instead.

5. Riverside Romance

Riverside is a great space to tie the knot. You can build a mesmerizing altar of greenery, a trendy circular wedding arch decorated with pampas, or a triangle wedding arch with blooms. The gorgeous river will be a fabulous backdrop for your big day.

When it comes to the venue, you could hold it either on a city rooftop or directly by the river. They are great for clicking sunset photos. Set up invitation drinks and offer flip-flops for guests, if necessary. To make things more fun, organize a flash mob recessional or a super fun dance party reception.

When it Comes to Wedding by the Water, Less is More

When planning your wedding by the water, nature will be your primary decoration. You can decorate your venue in a way that will make your guest fall in love with the lush trees, water views, and all the surrounding greenery. Ensure your decorative elements complement the surroundings and keep it light, simple, and airy on your big day.