Whether you suffer from crooked teeth or are just looking to improve your smile, invisible braces have become the number one choice for a growing number of people. But with so many options to choose from, deciding between standard braces and invisible braces can seem like an impossible task. Continue reading to familiarize yourself with a number of differences between the two to allow you to make an informed decision. 


When it comes to choosing between standard braces and invisible braces, aesthetics is by far the biggest difference. As they tend to be constructed from either stainless steel or titanium, standard braces are noticeable when your mouth is open as well as closed. Clear braces, on the other hand, are constructed from polymer and are virtually undetectable. This is one of the main reasons why clear braces are the number one choice for a growing number of children and young adults today. By opting for clear braces which might straighten your teeth, you can ensure your teeth look good and feel good. 

 Should You Opt for Standard Braces or Clear Braces?


As well as a vast difference in how they look, standard braces and clear braces also differ when it comes to cost. Orthodontic treatment, in general, should be viewed as an investment. Whilst it may leave you out of pocket now, it can transform your smile for decades to come. Standard braces usually cost between $5,000 and $6,000 whilst clear braces can cost up to under $1,000. You must remember to enquire about any upfront costs as well as hidden costs during your initial consultation with your dentist. 


As with any oral procedure, braces should be regularly maintained to guarantee longevity. Standard braces can be difficult to maintain due to a series of thin, intertwined metal wires. Food particles tend to get trapped in and around these wires as well as imbedded in metal brackets. This can cause cavities and plaque if ignored for a prolonged period of time. Clear braces, on the other hand, can be removed. This can allow you to brush and floss your teeth as normal without disrupting your treatment. This is why patients that have been fitted with clear braces tend to benefit from better oral hygiene. 


Braces are not designed for comfort. Regardless of whether you opt for standard braces or clear braces, you will experience some degree of uncomfortability. There are, however, a number of subtle differences between the two. With standard braces, metal wires can break or snap, leaving them liable to protrude into your cheeks or scratch the inside of your mouth. Clear braces, on the other hand, can be removed as necessary and worn with little to no discomfort to the user. If you are interested to get clear braces, search for Invisalign near me online to get more information.

When it comes to choosing between standard braces or clear braces, there are several factors you must consider ahead of time. With so many differences between the two, it can be difficult to make a final decision.  Before you do so, you should, at the very least, assess aesthetics, cost, maintenance, and comfort.