The purchase of a wedding band is a symbolic gesture that carries with it a promise of lifelong love. Given this fact, the purchase of the perfect wedding band should always be carefully considered. This is true whether you are shopping for a wedding band for a woman or a man.

The average price is a common question that shoppers have regarding mens wedding rings. They also want to know how much they should spend on one. You will find the answers to these questions by continuing to read on.

A Look Into the Average Price Of Men’s Wedding Rings?

As noted, questions about the average price of a men’s wedding band are among the most commonly asked by those shopping for the perfect ring. The primary factor that affects average cost is the material that the wedding band is made from. The average price breakdown by material choice is as follows:

  • Stainless – $15 to $30
  • Tungsten – $80 to $200
  • Titanium – $30 to $60
  • Silver – $40 to $60
  • Gold – $180 to $225

It is important to note that this is only a breakdown of the average cost by wedding band material. It does not fall under the many additional costs associated with adding design features and precious stones.

Factors Affecting the Price of a Men’s Wedding Band?

The choice of material for a wedding band is a key factor that determines its cost. Gold and silver wedding bands are generally the most expensive. Other factors that play into the cost include the addition of stones. Outer band accents also have an impact on the cost as does the addition of features such as engravings. The simplest way to state it is that each additional feature will have an impact on the overall cost of the band.

How Much Should A Guy Spend On the Purchase of a Men’s Wedding Ring?

The amount that should be spent on men’s wedding rings depends on the individual in question. When shopping for a wedding band, you should know what your budget is and then make sure that you stick to it. It is recommended that you purchase the highest quality ring that you can afford so that you get a great piece of jewelry. At the same time, it is not recommended that you go way over your budget when making a purchase.

 Wedding ring with diamonds

Factors that Impact Pricing of Men’s Wedding Rings

There are some additional factors to look at that can have an impact on the pricing of men’s wedding bands. Additional factors include:

Design and Style Factors – The design and style features that you add to your ring can make an impact on its price. The more intricate the design of the ring, the higher the cost you will pay.

The Width of the Band – The width of the band is another factor that contributes to ring cost. The wider the band, the more material that it takes to make the ring. This leads to a higher price tag.

The Addition of Precious Stones and Diamond Chips – Adding ring features such as diamond chips and other precious stones will further increase the costs of the purchase of a men’s wedding band.

The Purity of the Band’s Material – The purity of a ring’s material is one more factor for you to remember when it comes to things that can increase its price.

Where To Buy Wedding Rings

Your options for purchasing men’s wedding bands are extensive. The number one factor to consider when purchasing a ring is the reputation of the jeweler. You should always put a good amount of effort into researching the jeweler that you are purchasing from. This is the case whether you choose to buy a ring from a boutique jewelry shop or an online one. Finding a merchant that has a long track record for excellence within the industry is always your prime concern.

Money-Saving Tips for Buying a Ring

Your wedding day is a moment that you never want to forget. It is a celebration of the love that you and your partner share. At the same time, weddings can be quite expensive. Given this fact, it is always a smart move to take any step you can to save money while never compromising on quality. There are several things that you can do to maximize savings on a men’s wedding band. They include:

Purchase Wedding Bands Directly Fromm the Manufacturer – Going directly to the manufacturer of your preferred wedding band is a great way to save money. When you do this you are saving money by eliminating the middleman in the ring purchasing equation.

Make Your Purchase Online – Buying wedding bands online is another way to lower costs. When you purchase online, you get around having to pay for overhead costs that are involved with buying a ring from a boutique jewelry shop.

Purchase All Wedding Rings at the Same Time – Buying all three of the rings involved in your wedding ceremony at once can save you money. It is also a great way to purchase rings that are a perfect match for one another.


This information should prove useful to you as you look at various men’s wedding rings and choose the one that is the perfect expression of your love for your partner. There are a lot of great options that you can choose from and so you should never rush your final decision. Taking your time to consider all of your options can play a key role in helping you to find a men’s wedding ring that is exactly what you envisioned.