One of the positives that came out of the pandemic is that it forced us to get creative and gain a new appreciation for what was in front of us the whole time. Also out of the lockdown came great ideas for optimizing our outdoor spaces and transforming them into dream wedding venues. 

Whether you opt for a backyard wedding because of exorbitant wedding costs, or you simply prefer to have an intimate outdoor wedding (or both), the good news is, there are so many options available that the possibilities are endless! But, like all weddings, your backyard wedding requires planning to begin well in advance of the big day. The tips below will help you do just that.

Perform a Detailed Safety Inspection

Look for potential hazards like rocks, potholes, tree stumps, etc. and consider the possibility that you may have to hire a landscaper to level the ground. It’s also a good idea to keep an eye on your backyard to make sure no new issues pop up as you get closer to the wedding date.

Draft a Floor Plan

While inspecting your backyard, imagine it as a ballroom, banquet hall or any other event venue with multiple areas or rooms serving different purposes. Look for the best place to act as a reception area, dining area, bar, ceremony, reception, dance floor, after-party, etc. If you have the space, try keeping the areas for the ceremony and reception separate to create a seamless transition between reception and celebration. This can help you avoid the awkwardness of basically setting up the party, in the middle of the party.

It’s also not a bad idea to plan a move to progressively smaller areas of your backyard as the party winds down and you lose more and more guests until you’re essentially left with your wedding party.

 Close-up on wedding banquet in back garden

Prepare for Any Type of Weather

Include shaded areas in your floor plan where you can install rented gazebos, canopies, tents, etc., to give your guests the opportunity to get out of the sun (or rain) as needed; and if you don’t already have a patio heater in your backyard, consider investing in a Dimplex outdoor space heater. This way, you can continue to hang out comfortably in your backyard long after summer has ended.

Go Minimalist With The Décor

One of the advantages of an outdoor or backyard wedding is that your venue has already been decorated for you! Even if it isn’t magazine-quality, a few simple accent pieces like oversized clay pots, a flower wall, arches, etc., can create focal points around your backyard and also act as “room separators.”

If You’re Hiring Vendors, Have Them Visit Your Home 

If you’re hiring caterers, bar and wait staff, a DJ, photographers, etc., have them do a walk-through ahead of time to sort out the logistics and avoid logjams. They’ll also need to know the locations of your outlets and decide if they will need a generator. The caterer will also have to decide where the best place is to prepare the food.