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London Warehouse Conversion by Sadie Snelson

Rory Gardiner

Sadie Snelson Architects has converted an east London warehouse into a live-work space for a photographer. The design team removed all dividing walls to create an open-plain living room, and parts of the floor were taken away to create double-height areas that maximize natural lighting.

Unpainted walls expose the plaster finish, accentuating the industrial nature that continues throughout the steel-beamed residence. Meanwhile, a concrete kitchen sits underneath the mezzanine level, while a staircase made from welded steel leads up to the cosy master bedroom and bathroom, along with a space that can function as a studio.

The cave-like shower in the bathroom was constructed from tadelakt, a special waterproof plaster traditionally used to coat palaces, hammams and bathrooms in Morocco.

New crittal style windows were added, over the double height space to add drama to the internal elevations, and to let light flow through the spaces whilst retaining privacy.

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all images ® Rory Gardiner | H/t dezeen