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Make Your Home Greener with Battery Storage

Make Your Home Greener with Battery Storage

Solar energy has made it possible for millions of homes across the globe to become more eco-friendly, but many people are still unsure about the benefits of solar energy. They worry about energy shortages or having to pay peak rates, but a recent invention can help with these problems.

Solar battery storage has been used in the green industry for years, helping cars and machines to save energy — and now a new version has been created for the home. Here’s everything you need to know about how solar battery storage can make your home more eco-friendly.

You Will Have More Renewable Energy

One of the only issues with solar energy is that it can be intermittent, especially if you live in a particularly cloudy area, but this can be prevented with solar battery storage. This is because battery storage systems will store up electricity for cloudy days, so you will have a more constant supply of electricity. 

You Could Save Thousands Using a Tariff

Solar battery storage can also help homeowners to save thousands on utility bills. This is because the battery will gather power at both off-peak and peak times, which means you can then use stored up energy at differing stages. This will save a significant amount of money each month, as off-peak energy tends to be much cheaper. So if you already have a solar panel and you are wondering how to reduce energy costs, a solar battery is likely the best option!

 Make Your Home Greener with Battery Storage

You Could Become Self-Sufficient

Do you dream about living off-grid? If so, battery storage could help. This is because a solar battery will help to reduce your reliance on energy that is imported from the National Grid. This means you will mostly live off energy that you harvested yourself. This gives you more energy independence, which is important to anyone who is trying to live a more nomadic life.

You Will Have Back Up Power

Most people hate it when the power goes out — no heating, no light and no technology can be very frustrating, especially if you want to have a productive day. Thankfully, a battery storage device will provide your home with back-up power, even if the rest of the street has no power. This is very useful for people who live in cities that are prone to bad weather and blackouts. However it is important to be aware that only certain types of battery storage can save power for a blackout, so if this is important to you, make sure the model you want to buy has this feature.

You Will Live a Greener Lifestyle

The final benefit of having solar battery storage is that it will help you to live a greener lifestyle. This is a big priority for the millions of people who are trying to become more eco-friendly, as currently most energy comes from non-renewable sources that harm the environment. So if you want to reduce your fossil fuel emissions, battery storage could help you.