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Modern and Classic Elements Make Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen’s Boston Area Home a Design Masterwork

Modern and Classic Elements Make Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen's Boston Area Home a Design Masterwork

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The world loves high-profile go-getters who have found love with one another. While there are plenty of accomplished pairs in the power couple pantheon, few rank up there with Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen.

The model-turned-humanitarian and quarterback, whose New England Patriots always seem to be favorites in the Super Bowl odds, own several high ticket properties around the US. Their primary residence, however, is a 14,317 square-foot, 5-bedroom castle in trendy Brookline, MA, just 30 minutes from the Patriots team facility in Foxboro.

Tom and Gisele turned to award-winning Southern California home designer Rich Landry to sculpt their dream property. The result is a breathtaking blend of modern architecture and time-honored elements that provides function, comfort, and pure reflection of the power couple’s sensibilities.

Perched on 5.2 acres, the Brady family enjoys a generous amount of yard space. The age-defying quarterback often trains on the property and can be spotted running drills from the golf courses at neighboring Brookline Country Club.

The home’s exterior is tastefully appointed with brick and white paneling, once again melding classic and contemporary design elements. Inside, oversize windows are everywhere, allowing an abundance of natural light to flow through the home.

Gisele’s private sanctuary isn’t in the home itself, but rather a barn located on one side of the property. This isn’t an average farm barn, but rather the unorthodox office space Gisele uses for work and relaxation. The office boasts open bookshelves, cozy fireplace, and a no-frills wooden desk. It’s a simple and functional space with classic touches that feels right at home with the surrounding woods.

 Modern and Classic Elements Make Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen's Boston Area Home a Design Masterwork

An elaborate chef’s kitchen was designed to give their private chef Allen Campbell a spectacular workspace to craft gourmet meals that adhere to the couple’s plant-based diet. The kitchen’s centerpiece is a sprawling, marble-topped island: the perfect place for meal staging and impromptu family gatherings. The kitchen’s white-washed brick walls of the kitchen extends the home’s theme of modern elegance from classic materials.

Tom and Gisele’s living room is also surrounded by exposed, white-washed bricks right down to the fireplace. This stylish finish suggests a rustic country feel that undoubtedly makes visitors forget the intimidating scale of the manse they’re in.

A number of specialty rooms fit this Massachusetts masterpiece with the utmost usability. Tom has a private room to review football film and a gym. There’s also a wine storage room, sunroom, spa room, and staff quarters in the property.