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Neuroaesthetic Design: Creating a Healthy Home Centered Around Wellness

What is neuroaesthetic design? Neuroaesthetic design is a field of study that explores how the aesthetics of our surroundings impact our brains and overall behavior. This is actually a trend that’s becoming increasingly popular among interior designers and architects, and it’s growing in popularity in the field of wellness.

You may have heard the word “wellness” thrown around so much that it now seems too cliche, but cliche or not, you can’t deny the fact that our surroundings do impact our mood and behavior.

Have you ever been in a cluttered area, whether at home or at work, and felt overwhelmed? Your body felt that way because of the environment you were in. Now just imagine how your body would react if your home environment was specifically designed with wellness in mind? Your body would probably encounter a continued wellness euphoria every time you were at home.

 Neuroaesthetic Design: Creating a Healthy Home Centered Around Wellness

Who wouldn’t want that? And why wouldn’t you make the efforts to make your home environment one that’s good for your health, especially if you’re already making efforts to live a healthier lifestyle?

The great news about neuroaesthetic design is that it’s a design style that doesn’t break the bank. At its core, from a wellness perspective, this design style is all about making conscious decisions about what’s in your home and how to sustainably maintain it.

How to Create a Healthy Home Centered Around Wellness


Clutter is one of the top causes of stress and anxiety, and taking the time out to declutter your home is a great way to eliminate, or at least reduce that. For lots of people, the thought of decluttering is purely exhausting because once you start, you start to see just how much “stuff” you’ve accumulated over the years. But don’t let decluttering overwhelm you… 

The key to effective decluttering is to do it room by room, section by section. This will not only create a stress-free environment but it will also help to improve the air quality of your home as well.

Place an Air Humidifiers Throughout Your Home

Poor indoor air quality is the number one cause of Sick Building Syndrome (SBS), but that can be drastically reduced by placing air humidifiers throughout your home. It will prove to be especially effective when you opt for the best humidifiers for larger rooms in your home because those rooms are the most susceptible for allergens and toxins.

 Neuroaesthetic Design: Creating a Healthy Home Centered Around Wellness

Incorporate Live Plants 

Plant are nature’s greatest gift to air quality, and by incorporating them in the design of your home, your home will not only be aesthetically pleasing but also be a hub or clean air. 

It’s so easy for air pollution to happen within the comforts of our home… Everything from dirty air filters to toxic cleaning supplies, plants have the ability to filter out all those toxins through photosynthesis and circulate clean air for you to breathe.

Design For Comfort

From room darkening curtains to recliner chairs, you can’t forget about the actual furniture pieces that bring together the aesthetics of neuroaesthetics. It’s all about what’s pleasing to the eye as well as what’s comfortable to all your senses. 

Maybe a new mattress could be the key to you enjoying quality, uninterrupted sleep. And as much as you love the natural light entering your bedroom windows, you don’t want to see it shine through at 6 am, so room darkening curtains are a must. There’s no specific piece of furniture that you have to have, but taking note of the types of furniture and accessories you like, and comparing it to your needed comfort level, will play a significant role in the comfort and functionality of your home.

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