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oPhone by Vapor Communications: a device to send and receive ‘scent-messages’


Technology company Vapor Communications launches onotes.com, a platform for scent messaging conceived to allow users to send and receive scent-infused messages. The platform is built for the oPhone, the company’s proprietary technology-designed device to generate complex aroma signals in rapid succession without lingering aromatic clouds, similar to the function of a standard telephone in its delivery of audio information. In June, Vapor Communications will launch the first scent-based mobile messaging platform for iPhone users worldwide.


Starting June 17th, oSnap, the company’s iPhone application, will allow users to tag photographs with over 300,000 unique scents, send and receive these scent-tagged images electronically as oNotes via email, Facebook, Twitter and other.

Paired by Bluetooth with the oPhone, iPhone users of oSnap will be able to aromatically experience oNotes.  In the first months following launch of oSnap, users will be able to experience the oPhone by visiting oPhone hotspots, initially located in Paris, France and Cambridge, Massachusetts, with more hotspots to come. Eventually users will be able to share and experience oNotes anywhere with the oPhone.


The scent-based messaging platform will work as follows: users will obtain the mobile-messaging app ‘oSnap’ in the apple store and download onto their iphones for free; they will then be able to snap a photograph and tag any object in the photograph with a scent; creation of the scent will be facilitated by a scrolling window that presents up to 32 unique scents of which users can choose from one to eight, resulting in over 300,000 combinations; users will then be able to name the scent-tagged image and send it electronically to friends.’

From June 17 to July 31, the company will pre-sale on Indiegogo the first commercial oPhone, to be produced and delivered in early 2015, for a retail price of USD 149 (a 25% discount on ultimate sale price of the oPhone of USD 199).


all images courtesy of VAPOR COMMUNICATIONS