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Passover Inspired Interior Decor Ideas For Every Household

Passover Meal on Dinner Table

Ksenia Chernaya from Pexels

Passover will run from April 15th until the 23rd. It’s a celebration that started thousands of years ago after the exodus of Jewish people from enslavement in Egypt.

The holiday originates from the Torah, where the word Pesach means the ancient Passover sacrifice. It’s said that, as God reigned down ten unimaginable plagues on Empty, he sent Moses to tell Jewish households to sacrifice a lamb and spread the blood around the front door. That would then allow God, or the Passover angel, as some versions say, to Passover the house without harming the Jews inside. Thus, Passover came to life.

That’s the story of Passover, but how can the historical tale and modern celebrations transpire to interior decor everyone can use? Let’s explore.

The Seder Table

The seder table is where all the magic happens. On the first night of Passover, Jewish households gather around the seder table to eat the seder meal with a seder plate – this seder plate at Judaica Web Store is the perfect example of the elegant designs. In fact, Jewish tableware is amongst some of the most beautifully designed china in the world. Draw inspiration from the delicate designs that mix together blues with whites, two colors closely tied to Jewish religion and culture.

People who like to keep their dining tables laid 24/7 – draw inspiration from the tradition of laying individual and personalized place settings representative of each person around the table. By keeping a table set, it is indicative of bringing people together.

 Menorah on Dinner Table

Passover Inspired Colors

There are no traditional colors for Passover as such, but many Jewish households consider shades of blue, red, white, and green to be representative of Passover. Blue and white are already traditional Jewish colors. Shades of red represent the blood of the sacrificial lamb. Green is the connection to the earth.

Blue and white are two colors you’re likely to be able to use in every household with ease, especially as summer creeps closer. Blue and white are fresh, vibrant, and airy colors that give any house a beach home vibe. They’re easy to style, and you can play with the color blue and change the shades to suit your preferences.

Incorporating Nature

Most seder tables have a floral feature running along the middle. Jewish culture and religion have strong ties to nature as they put the responsibility of the world and the well-being of the environment on humans. Beautiful floral decorations with seasonal flowers brighten any home, and indoor plants have long been an interior trend.

Traditional flowers or plants for Passover include, but are not limited to, lilies, daisies, violets, and tulips. They’re all beautiful flowers that would bring any home or garden to life. Draw inspiration from Passover tables and create a homemade garland for the fireplace.

Passover is soon to be celebrated by millions worldwide, and there’s plenty that everyone can take from the celebration, not just the decor. It’s a time to reflect and appreciate freedom in a free world. What Passover interior decor inspiration will you take away from this?