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Patio Cover Design Ideas – What’s Best For Your Home?

Patio Cover Design Ideas - What's Best For Your Home?

Patios are a fantastic addition to any home, creating an instant extra living space which can be enjoyed, depending on your location, for several months of the year. Building a patio does require a financial investment, but being able to enjoy your morning coffee while relaxing on some stylish and comfortable patio furniture, or throwing some steaks on to the grill while you entertain friends are just two of the many benefits a patio brings. Imagine then if you could extend the time spent outside to include rainy and cooler days too – which you could easily do by adding DIY aluminum patio cover kits.

Patio covers offer shade not just from the blazing sun, but also from rain and wind, making it closer to being useable all year round while also protecting your patio accessories from the elements.

Deciding you would like to have a patio cover is just the start of the process, as you then have to decide on a design which will look amazing and blend in easily with the style of your home. We know this can be quite a tough process as there are so many great options out there, but these helpful ideas on how to find the best fit for you will make it so much easier.

1. Choose the material for your patio cover

What you go for should depend on two things – the main focus should be on a material which will blend in the best with your home, with your budget being the second consideration. Typical materials on offer include:

  • Vinyl – Which is generally very affordable and needs almost no maintenance. It can look quite attractive and suits more modern homes.
  • Wood – A decently priced choice which best suits classic style homes but can work pretty much anywhere. You also have the flexibility of choosing from a range of colours or finishes.
  • Aluminum – A very long lasting material which needs little maintenance, but a patio cover made from this material can look a little utilitarian so shop carefully.
  • Alumawood – this is a hybrid material offering strength, good looks, and an almost maintenance free structure which is water resistant and looks good enough to use on most any property.


Patio Cover Design Ideas - What's Best For Your Home?

2. Think about color

Most patio covers can either be ordered in a particular shade or painted to suit your taste, depending on their material. It’s best to choose colors which will be sympathetic to your home’s exterior, doors, and windows, as well as looking good with your patio floor design and shade. Keep the weather in mind too, as bright colors fade less than dark ones, and lighter colors don’t absorb as much heat from the sun as dark shades can.

There really isn’t too much more to choosing the perfect patio cover to complement your home than this. Other decisions, such as deciding between an open or closed roof are more about personal preferences than aesthetic design, so not as crucial as getting the right look to have your patio cover blend in well with your home.

Laying your own patio cover can be a difficult task and you really should be hiring a company to do it for you. For more info on hiring a reliable company for this head over to City Seamless Patio.