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Proplamp by Margje Teeuwen & Erwin Zwiers


Margje Teeuwen has teamed-up with Erwin Zwiers to designed a lamp in the shape of a crumbled piece of paper, made of biodegradable non woven material. Each lamp is pre-shaped by Margje and Erwin, but the unique features of the material allow the lamp to be reshaped over and over again, by the new owner. It enables anyone to tailor the shape of “proplamp” to their wishes.


Since the beginning of her design career, Margje Teeuwen has been fascinated by the beauty of shapes that originate by crumbling paper for many years. They already resulted in a collection of lights 5 years ago.

Her encounter with designer Erwin Zwiers, formed a new source of inspiration. Always experimenting with new materials, he came across a multifunctional non woven plastic, which was ideal for designing a light. So independent from one another, they were working on a similar light-object and instead of competing they decided to join forces.


3-proplamp-by-margje-teeuwen-erwin-zwiers 4-proplamp-by-margje-teeuwen-erwin-zwiers 5-proplamp-by-margje-teeuwen-erwin-zwiers 6-proplamp-by-margje-teeuwen-erwin-zwiers 7-proplamp-by-margje-teeuwen-erwin-zwiers

all images © SAM IN STIJL – video courtesy of PRODUCT MARGJE