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Masquespacio Designs a Forest of Flowers and Plants for Huesca

Pukkel Restaurant, Huesca, ES / Masquespacio


Located in the city of Huesca, Spain, Pukkel serves up a menu of healthy food and, according to the owners, aims to offer “a sensorial experience beyond the gastronomy.” The project starts when Jorge and Mikel got the idea to open a restaurant in the city of Huesca and contacted Masquespacio with the aim to offer above signature healthy food, a sensorial experience beyond gastronomy. 

“After doing a workshop with Jorge and Mikel, we immediately proposed to work with 100% natural materials and integrate nature into the space,” says Christophe Penasse, co-founder from Masquespacio.

 Pukkel Restaurant, Huesca, ES / Masquespacio

Besides the Spanish design studio started to search for a connection point between the city of Huesca and the healthy gastronomy based on a salutary lifestyle. 

“We investigated the province of Huesca and started to discover the beauty of the mountains and parks in its surroundings,” explains Ana Hernández, creative director from Masquespacio. “We definitely found the reference we were looking for and that fitted perfectly with the healthy lifestyle concept from Pukkel.”

 Pukkel Restaurant, Huesca, ES / Masquespacio

To begin with the explanation of the colors; in this case, you can recognize a color palette that reminds the whole time to earth with its different tones of browns and whites as well as greens. A touch of gold is above added to give a little bit of sophistication to the space. 

The imperfect forms on the other hand are mainly organic and draw a path on the floor like if you were walking through the forest. The use of terracotta is present on the floors, bars, and some of the walls with patterns designed especially by Masquespacio for Pukkel.

 Pukkel Restaurant, Huesca, ES / Masquespacio

Concerning the layout, it is visible how all around the path circular spaces are recreated like if we were in the mountains and that allow the customers to share a moment in the family or with friends, disconnecting from the daily routine, while they enjoy Pukkel’s food. 

Next to the ceramic on the walls and reserved spaces we can see the application of rough stucco that makes another reference to the earth and the mountains.

Lastly, to be highlighted are the plants and flowers that will change depending on each season of the year. 

 Pukkel Restaurant, Huesca, ES / Masquespacio Pukkel Restaurant, Huesca, ES / Masquespacio Pukkel Restaurant, Huesca, ES / Masquespacio