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Real Estate Know-How: a Successful and Beneficial Home Sale

Real Estate Know-How: a Successful and Beneficial Home Sale

Saying goodbye is never easy. Either it’s your closest friend moving to a different city or a hopelessly broken toy from your early childhood — leaving some memories deep in the past can really hurt. Selling your home is just as difficult.

However, the actual problem appears when the love to your property stands on your way to a successful home sale. The emotional attachment makes it harder for you to see your house fully objectively.

We’d like to help you learn how to estimate your house’s actual condition and its possible value on the real estate market. You can first take a closer look at Hilton Head Real Estate – Houses, Condominiums, Home sites ads and descriptions to see what aspects are taken into account by the potential home buyers.

Now let’s see what exactly you can improve in your home selling tactics!

1. Hire a Competent Real Estate Agent

Before initiating any sales or renovation actions, look for a talented and solid real estate agent.

You don’t have to be all alone with preparing your home for sale, looking for the buyers, and dealing with rough negotiations. Make sure that the real estate agent attended sales training, has a good reputation, and is knowledgeable about the local market. If you hire a competent real estate agent, the results you can expect are an easier and faster sale, a better price, and fewer headaches.

Selling a house already is a stressful undertaking itself and it can overwhelm you eventually. Don’t let that happen and hire a reliable partner to help you go through the whole process from the very scratch. Choose a full-time working agent that knows your area well.

The agent should be present at a home inspection (described precisely in the paragraph below) so they’re 100% aware of the exact condition of the house they’re presenting to the potential buyers.

Home presentation is another point where real estate agents are irreplaceable. You might not have enough time to guide people through the house every day. Doing it tired may lead to frustration and ruining the opportunity for a highly satisfactory transaction. Leave the presentation to a passionate professional!

A real estate agent can also help you prepare each room for such a presentation. They won’t do the hard work with you, but pieces of advice from an experienced agent can really help you work miracles while planning small renovations and doing the last touch just before presentations!

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 Real Estate Know-How: a Successful and Beneficial Home Sale

2. Home Inspection Is a Must

Hiring a home inspector is not always a pleasure, especially if you’re the one who’s selling the house. It’s normal that you might be afraid of hearing the truth about your property — who wouldn’t be afraid of possible extra expenses just after deciding to sell the house? However, it’s the right thing to do!

The home inspector will check the condition of both the exterior and interior of your house. It’s important to inform the potential buyers about the exact condition of all the house’s fundamental aspects such as electrical circuitry, plumbing, roofing, aeration.

Having such information will help you and your real estate agent to make a reasonable and beneficial house valuation. It will also help the agent get properly prepared for the presentations.

3. Roll Up the Sleeves and Start the Work!

After consulting the home inspector and real estate agent, you know your house’s flaws and construction deficiencies. No worries, it’s perfectly normal that you might be forced to do some small renovations before selling your beloved house.

Firstly, take good care of the garden. It’s the very first thing that the visitors will see and judge your property by. A neglected garden can be a sign of a poorly maintained house with many hidden defects that even the owner hasn’t noticed because of sloppiness and lack of a sense of duty. A neat garden will make a strong first impression that will accompany the viewers during the whole home presentation.

Secondly, clean out every corner at your home twice. Even a couple of dust bunnies can contribute to the viewer’s doubts. You want your home to feel like both brand new but also warm and cosy. That’s why it’s so popular to bake cookies right before the viewing — a well-kept, clean space combined with this very home-like appealing smell make you feel relaxed and comfortable at a new place.

Presenting your home to potential buyers is more than just showing them around. It’s inviting them to spend their lives there. Always keep in mind how you would like to see your future house for the first time. The key to a successful home sale is putting yourself in the potential buyer’s shoes and trying to perceive your long-term home as a house — a good quality product worth the buyers attention and money.