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Reasons Why You Should Never Be Rude To Your Maid

Reasons Why You Should Never Be Rude To Your Maid

Maids have one of the most essential yet often unappreciated jobs in the entire economy. They help keep things clean and looking nice and have an impact far more extensive than what first meets the eye.

Unfortunately, often maids do not receive the respect their profession deserves. There are plenty of reasons not to be rude to your maid. Let’s take a look and see the possible motivations for improving your treatment of your helper.

They Have Access to Your Home

Being rude to a stranger while still not commendable is far more understandable than to a maid. Maids have access to your home; most of the time, they even have a key to the house.

You never know exactly how someone else receives your comments or what their perceptions are of the events. To you, things may seem at most mildly irritating; however, to them, they could be closer to the edge than you ever thought.

Of course, the vast majority of maids never do anything unlawful or unethical with the keys to their clients’ homes, but why would you want to risk irritating someone who has access to the house?

You Want a Good Job Done

Think about the last time that you were at work, and your job started to chew you out. What was the result of that experience for you? When you did get back to your job, were you feeling extra motivated to do the best job possible?

Almost inevitably, the answer to the previous question is no. Negativity never begets positivity, only more negativity. If you want your maid to do a good job, do not continually point out their failures.

All that will do to any person is make them feel defeated before they even begin and kill any desire they have to make an effort.

Since you are paying for the maid to be there, you would hopefully like them to do the best job possible.

The best way to assist them in achieving this admirable goal is by being respectful and kind to them, not rude and hateful.

Being Rude Rarely Results in Positive Outcomes

Let’s say that it is a little too late and you were already rude to them, what normally happens after something like this?

Nothing will typically happen if you are rude to your maid one time. But, it would be foolish to assume that it did not affect them in any way.

They may not even be aware of it, but underneath the surface, they still feel everything that you made them feel.

The human psyche is mysterious, and we never know when some trauma will resurface with unpredictable results.

Most Crimes Are Committed By Someone Close To the Family

The following statistics are not meant to induce any fear but are merely a statement of fact.

Nearly 80% of home invasions are committed by someone who has access to the home already, such as a family member or worker with house keys.

Rarely do all invasions or assaults occur at random by one stranger targeting another with no motive. Typically the person who commits such a crime has intimate knowledge of the victim and a clear motive to instigate the act.

Of course, we know that you would never bother your maid so much they would be pushed to criminality, but it is important to remember that all people have their limits.

 Reasons Why You Should Never Be Rude To Your Maid

Tips To Make Your Maid’s Day

Instead of being rude to your maid, we recommend that you take some small actions to show your gratitude and appreciation for their work. They will certainly appreciate it, and possibly even more than you can imagine.

Be Respectful When Speaking To Them

Often when we speak to someone and instruct them on how we would like things to be cleaned, we revert to a manner of speech that is familiar to us.

This speech style is what we use when speaking to our children.

It makes sense why we would revert to this because, in every other circumstance, we have been instructing someone on how to clean it was almost always educating our children.

Pay attention, and this should be a relatively easy habit to break that will genuinely transform the relationship you have with your help staff.

Give Them Freedom to Choose Their Schedule

You will not always be able to accommodate your help staff with your schedule, but given the option, let them choose when they want to work.

As long as your property is cleaned and nothing is time-reliant, then it will not hurt anything to let them have a little more freedom with their schedule.

Make Sure They Have Health Coverage

Of course, many maids clean all the time but do not receive the same benefits that other conventional W-2 employees receive from their employers.

If you want to go the extra mile for your help staff and show them exactly how much you care, consider looking into health coverage options.

Health insurance is typically tied to employers, and maids are often either underinsured or entirely without insurance.

How Working With Your Maid Is In Everyone’s Best Interest

There are many ways that you can make your maid more motivated to do the best job possible when cleaning your home.

Taking good care of your help staff is good practice for being a business owner and a parent. While mistakes will always happen in life, the way we respond to them shapes others’ perceptions.

If we react to the world with respect and kindness, we do not need to worry about others ever building resentment.

Getting insurance coverage for your maids is just one example of the many things that you can do to show your appreciation for their valuable work.

If you would like to know more about how maid insurance could help get more information here.