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Redecorating Your Home Guide


Moving to a new house and decorating can be a lot of fun. Many wonder about having a stylish and perfect home but lack the knowledge or guidelines to create it by themselves. It is possible to create a happy personal space that reflects your personality by proper planning and following simple guidelines given by various interior designers. You may also want to take advantage of storage for redecorating your house. Are you unsure where to start the decoration of your home? Create a perfect place by following our expert guidelines given below:

1. What is Your Preferred Living Style?

There are no right or wrong answers. While rooms can be formal, traditional, and modern, people should know what they would like to have in their personal space. How many people are going to live there? Do you have children? Are you going to work from home? Home decoration will be quite different for someone regularly hosting dinner parties to someone who enjoys eating out daily. A person hosting luxurious fundraising events will have a different living room than a person crashing in front of a TV.

2. Identify Your Measurements

Take the time to understand the room you are updating. Be aware of the different angles of a room how you plan to use it. People often buy the wrong size things without measuring the actual space of a room. Therefore, it is essential to measure the length and width of each room before planning anything for its decoration. In addition, it’s vital to identify the direction of the room and the quality of light because it affects colour scheme choice.

 Redecorating Your Home Guide

3. Be Innovative

Seek inspiration from various interior shops, hotels, Instagram pages, Pinterest, and by paying attention to hundreds of unique interior designs around you. Furthermore, it is always a great idea to create different files and folders on a computer for your projects. It will not only improve your taste but will be priceless while shopping for a home.

4. Have an Exceptional Front Door

Make a perfect first impression of your home by painting your front door. Some consider red as a lucky or welcoming colour; however, others prefer orange and yellow. Both these colours add joy and warmth.

5. Select Light and Neutral Wall Colors

It’s important to have colour flow on the first floor, therefore, try using grey or beige. Having neutral walls will not only enhance flexibility in terms of decoration, but it will offer an opportunity to switch up with different room accessories.

6. Choose a Unique Statement piece for Each Room

There should be at least one unique statement piece in all rooms. It will add a fun and surprising element to your room. This could be a piece of furniture, an art piece, or a plush rug.

 Redecorating Your Home Guide

7. Hang One Mirror in Each Room

Mirrors are great at bouncing light around the room and creating a brighter space; however, hanging one at the wrong place will be bad as not having one at all.

The mirror should always be on the wall at a 90-degree angle to the windows. If you decide to hang a mirror opposite to a window, then it can rebound light back out the window.

8. Adding Art or Accessories

While there is no one-size-fits-all approach, the last step is adding art or accessories to a room. Of course, you can choose your favourite pictures or paintings for your room; however, they should be eye-level.

You can always add some pillows on sofas or chairs for back support. Having a magazine rack will be perfect for keeping books organised, and an attractive basket is ideal for organising toys in a rush.