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Reves Chair by Muka Design Lab


The Reves Chair by Spanish studio Muka Design Lab is a chair at midway between a low-backed conversation chair and an high-backed reading chair, which collects, embraces and permits to feel protected. It can be used in reading mode, or in talk mode, only by repositioning the hood. Made from an oil-treated beech structure, the Reves Chair is upholstered in two pleasant bitone Trevira textiles, with a soft touch, that is stiff enough to stay vertical without any supports. The beech wood is widely used in the northern Spain for making traditional furniture. The Reves Chair is manufactured by carpenters and craftsmen from La Rioja and upholstered in Bizkaia.

 2-reves-chair-by-muka-design-lab 3-reves-chair-by-muka-design-lab 4-reves-chair-by-muka-design-lab 5-reves-chair-by-muka-design-lab 7-reves-chair-by-muka-design-lab

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