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Save Lab Visualizes Brain Activity With Magnetic Liquid

Save Lab

Save Lab’s interactive installation ‘Solaris’ demonstrates the field influence of the permanent magnet on the magnetic and fluorescent liquids. The installation is a two phase system that modifies its surfaces through the human brain waves. The spectator wears on a neuro interface headeset that computes brain activity and sends information to the installation machinery.

To test the project people of different ages, social groups and professional areas were invited. Test results confirmed that brain activity and mood of the man reflect on the dynamic and character of liquids movements in the sphere. Object reacts on the changes of mind and emotion states. People who spent a plenty of time with the object managed to influence the dynamic and direction of the liquids on the unconsciousness level. Save Lab also revealed that the installation visualizes the temperament of the person. The object copies the users mental organization and echoes it on the liquid’s surface, and becomes an extension of the participant.


save-lab-visualizes-brain-waves-with-magnetic-liquid-2 save-lab-visualizes-brain-waves-with-magnetic-liquid-3 save-lab-visualizes-brain-waves-with-magnetic-liquid-4

all images and video courtesy of Save Lab