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Shoemaker Chair by Martín Azúa

Using leather and laces, Basque designer Martín Azúa has realized his latest creation, the Shoemaker Chair. Made with a single sheet of leather, the Shoemaker Chair allow user to adjust the shape of the back and the armrest thanks to the laces that pass through the eyelets in the back and on the sides of the seat.

“Objects are usually true to some schemes and they find their identity in some pre-established premises. This chair claims its personality as a shoe and requires the care of a shoe. Often objects, as people, have problems to be what they really are” explains Azúa.

 2-shoemaker-chair-by-martin-azua 3-shoemaker-chair-by-martin-azua 4-shoemaker-chair-by-martin-azua 5-shoemaker-chair-by-martin-azua

all images courtesy of MARTÍN AZÚA | H/t highsnobiety