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Soundproof Curtains – Do They Really Work?

Soundproof Curtains – Do They Really Work?

Probably the easiest way to start soundproofing your house is to install soundproof curtains on all the important windows, for example the windows that face any close by roads.

Soundproof curtains are simple to hang, relatively cheap, come in a huge variety of styles and work incredibly well. And if your windows cross beyond the standard sizes, custom drapes are the best solution. But it’s important to understand exactly what they can and cannot do. These curtains are capable of dimming the outgoing sound, for example, if you are playing on your DJ controller. Like most things, soundproof curtains aren’t a miracle cure, but they can have a massive effect if they are used correctly. Here’s what you need to know.

Soundproof curtains are a bit of a misnomer

What do we mean by this? Simple. Soundproof curtains aren’t actually sound proof. That means if you install soundproof curtains expecting all sounds to magically disappear, you might be disappointed.

Instead, what soundproof curtains do is capture and absorb a huge amount of incoming sound, reducing how much sound makes it into your home. Whilst this does mean that quiet sounds will be basically filtered out, louder noises like traffic and dogs will still be audible, but will be muchquieter.

How does sound get into your house?

Sound can get into your house in two ways.

The waves that make up sound are just that, actual compressive waves that travel through materials, most often air, until they reach our ear, which lets us hear them.

Sound waves can also travel through solid objects, otherwise you wouldn’t ever be able to hear sounds from outside once you shut your front door. But travelling through solid objects causes a sound to lose a huge amount of energy, and the loudness of a sound is directly related to how much energy it has.

So sounds travelling through a brick wall will be quieter. I mean, this is obvious, but understanding the process behind it lets us understand exactly why soundproof curtains are so effective.

How do soundproof curtains work?

If you compare a soundproof curtain to a normal curtain, you’ll notice several big differences.

• Soundproof curtains are much bigger than normal curtains: Curtains like this tend to be huge, with a drop length that can almost reach the floor, and a width far greater than the width of your windows.
This allows them to cover the maximum area around your window, which is where the vast majority of sounds will get into your house. This can make a major difference. Even having a small area around the window uncovered will let a lot of sound through. According to the experts, an area as small as 1% uncovered can let through as much as 50% of the sound.
• Soundproof curtains are incredibly thick and dense: Like traditional quilting, the thicker and denser a material, the more of the energy of a sound wave they can leech from it, reducing the volume when it reaches your ears. There are some other advantages here, which we’ll touch on later.
• Soundproof curtains tend to be rough, porous and have very deep pleating: These things make a significant difference when you’re dampening a sound. As we already mentioned, sounds are a wave that travels through the air. When they hit something, they bounce off of it, and the flatter the surface they hit, the more cohesive the sound wave that comes back. That’s why you get the best echoes in places where there’s nothing to deflect those sound waves.
But deep pleats and a rough surface breaks up the sound wave, absorbing some of it’s energy and reflecting what’s left in every direction so the sounds that eventually hit your ear are much weaker.
 Soundproof Curtains – Do They Really Work?

Other advantages of soundproof curtains

But soundproof curtains aren’t just good for deadening outside sounds. There’s other huge benefits that can also contribute to a better night’s sleep, or even save you money. Here’s how.

Soundproof curtains normally act as blackout curtains

Because they’re so massive and thick, soundproof curtains are very effective blackout curtains.

In fact, you might even see them advertised as blackout curtains, instead of sound proof.

And light pollution from outside lights has actually been linked to insomnia, which more than 30% of adults in the USA currently struggle with.

So your new investment will be serving double duty, insulating you from the sounds outside, and keeping you in a nice, dark room so you can get the best night’s sleep possible and wake up feeling refreshed and ready for a new day.

Soundproof curtains will save you money on your heating

This is because soundproof curtains are just another level of insulation.

As much as 35% of the heat produced by your house can be lost through poorly insulated windows, and having another thick barrier in front of them will slow this air flow.

This means warmer winters, cooler summers by locking in air conditioning, and lower energy bills as you’re not having to constantly heat up your house.

How to choose the best soundproof curtains

Not all curtains are created equally, so here’s what to look for when buying your curtains.

 Soundproof Curtains – Do They Really Work?


Normally, when buying curtains you want them sized to your particular windows. But with soundproof curtains, the bigger the better.

Look for maximum coverage. Another foot longer than your windows is good, but floor to ceiling is the best option. You’re also going to want curtains that are significantly wider than your windows, so they can bunch and pleat as deeply as possible.


The weight of a curtain shows its density, and the thicker and more dense a curtain, the better it is at absorbing sound.

Also, a thicker curtain will let less light through, so if you’re also buying sound proof curtains to block outside light, you want them as heavy as possible.

Curtain rails

You’re buying large, heavy curtains here. They might weigh in excess of a kilo each, so make sure your existing curtain rails will be able to hold them.

If you’re serious about sound proofing, it might be worth considering replacing your existing rails. A heavy duty set of ceiling mounted hooks will give you the maximum floor to ceiling coverage you’re looking for, and are incredibly strong if mounted correctly.


Finally, you should look for a curtain that has multiple layers. More layers means more weight, more thickness, more sound absorption. And also more cost. But it’s worth it.

You should consider soundproof curtains an investment because it affords you the luxury of shutting out all of the noise, which is excellent for people who work sporadic shifts or have a newborn baby. Older people would also benefit from the peace, and if you wanted a better idea, then a little shop around will help you establish the proper budget for the curtains you want. Why not do a little online search? You can click here to view the website of some ideas that would suit you and your pocket. The thicker the curtain, the better your chance of blocking out the sound, and because it is an investment, you will have these for years to come. The fabric used will also play a role, so take your time to find a set that suits you in all aspects.

Wrapping up

Soundproof curtains are an excellent investment, and should be seriously considered by anyone who gets a lot of noise pollution in their houses. Even just putting noise proof curtains in your bedroom can make a significant impact in the quality of sleep you get.

If you’re looking for the best soundproof curtains, you should follow this link. It’ll take you to a list of the top soundproof curtains available right now, ready to order straight to your home.