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Spitfire Desk by Duffy London

Duffy London

Duffy London casts an eye towards the fascinating world of aircraft design, to dream up a majestic new Table/Desk, that merges the technical mechanical aluminium structure, into a beautifully simple piece of furniture.

Duffy London’s design team took inspiration from the Spitfire’s distinctive elliptical wing to create this cross-section aluminium table, and just like the Spitfire, the streamlined structure of the table, features a large number of compound curves built up from a skeleton, creating a combination of longitudinal stripes which form a light and rigid structure.


Like most of Duffy London’s designs, the Spitfire expresses the desire to be timeless, while playing with the sense of strength and elegance typical of the aircraft that made history.

“I have long been fascinated with aircraft and their design, and how the form is the machine, however when making models of aircraft, it was the skeletal structure that held the most fascination, attaching the skin over the frame, in my eyes removed the potential and the most interesting aspects of the aircraft,” says Christopher Duffy. “I aim in this piece to take this simple and beautiful visual language, and create a piece of furniture with no other contradicting components, to contain all of that potential energy !” 

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