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Spy Chair by Emilio Nanni for Billiani


At this year’s Milan Furniture Fair Italian designer Emilio Nanni presents Spy, a new seating designed for Billiani. The fusion between frame and seat has never been so gentle. A careful study of construction gives Spy its distinguishing style through the exquisite workmanship of the seat, which folds to contain the back leg. This smooth and elegant design provides guests with enhanced comfort and bestows prestige on spaces. The tailored finishes emphasize a strong character, which combines innovation and formal precision with extreme comfort. The back legs come out, becoming an identifying feature, in harmony with a finely-tuned set of double volumes.

 2-spy-chair-by-emilio-nanni-for-billiani 3-spy-chair-by-emilio-nanni-for-billiani 4-spy-chair-by-emilio-nanni-for-billiani

all images courtesy of BILLIANI