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Talking Points in Your Home

Talking Points in Your Home

While many items or designs in your home may exist because of your own preferences, that doesn’t mean they cannot also be used to create talking points whenever you have visitors over. By creating a home that speaks to others, as well as creating a pleasant environment for you and your family, you can showcase a bit of your personality as well as the things in life that mean the most to you.


While many people may already show off art and pictures within their home, that doesn’t mean you need to stick to the same designs. Instead of going for traditional frames or shapes, you could choose to create collages or patterns, such as with these photo wall tiles, that will allow you to mix up both the shape of the art you create, as well as its positioning on your walls. While you could use pieces of classical art, you might also want to consider having statement pieces showing your family, or even artwork that your loved ones themselves have created, to add a more personal touch. By combining different styles of art, frames, and even wall decorations, you can play around with the levels of your walls, allowing you to move away from them being a standard, singular surface.

 Talking Points in Your Home

Feature Walls

A feature wall is another great idea that allows you to expand on your love for design, while creating something that may not have been seen elsewhere. These walls can be made using block colors, paint, or even drawings that you and your family take the time to add directly onto the walls together. Other popular ideas can include geometric shapes, or even an oversized clock, with working hands, that provides a function while still making your walls look that bit quirkier.

Refurbished Furniture

Using old furniture or even items that you find at garage sales can be a great way to redecorate your home without unwarranted expenses. Something as simple as a kitchen island can be created by utilising old tables, or even drawers, rather than spending your hard-earned dollars on a designated island. In addition to this, people might find it ingenious how you have taken a seemingly unrelated item and put it to good use, especially if it allows for adequate storage or has a surface more than suitable for food preparation and consumption. You also may have the option of tweaking the item as you see fit, such as by sanding, painting, and varnishing, to create a product that fits in with the theme of the room.

Creating talking points in your home doesn’t mean you need to have garish or overstated pieces. It is important that any changes you make are not done so simply to gain the approval or attention of others. The bottom line, as with any changes within the home, is to make sure that, first and foremost, these changes will bring delight to the home’s occupants.