Rotwild introduces the Rotwild GT S, a mountain bike inspired by the new Mercedes‑AMG GT. The Rotwild GT S inspired by AMG combines the very best of racing technology on four and two wheels: dynamism, lightweight construction, design and comfort. The special model limited to 100 examples combines ultra high-performance materials with highly sophisticated suspension technology and a unique design idiom.

Thanks to new technologies specifically developed by Rotwild and top-quality components, the Rotwild GT S inspired by AMG impresses in every aspect. The frame was systematically designed with light weight and suspension comfort in mind. High-tech such as Carbon Module Monocoque Technology (MMT2) and EPS Innermold Technology is used, optimising the performance and attributes of the high-modulus carbon fibre.


The result is an ultra-lightweight frame with optimum rigidity and ideal damping characteristics. The Formula 33 Factory front fork likewise combines light weight with high rigidity, contributing to consistent riding comfort with adjustable compression and rebound. The effect is completed by 29‑inch carbon-fibre wheels whose unique design keeps the rotating masses as low as possible.

However, “Inspired by AMG” not only applies with respect to the technology of the ROTWILD GT S, but also to its expressive design. The paintwork is in distinctive, contrasting solarbeam and carbon black, and is inspired by the Mercedes-AMG GT. From May, this hand-built carbon-fibre bike will be available as a limited edition of 100 examples for a price of $10,800 USD.

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all images courtesy of MERCEDES-BENZ