Created in 2017 and premiered worldwide at the Geneva International Motor Show, Automobili Speciali is the new Italdesign brand associated with the production of exclusive ultra-low series cars intended for collectors. The Zerouno Duerta represents phase two in Italdesign’s strategic plan for creating iconic, high-performance products that collectors will treasure.

Completely designed, engineered and built at the Moncalieri plant to remain faithful to Italdesign’s tradition, the Zerouno Duerta shares many features with the coupé version, although the upper part of the chassis has been redefined and redesigned to guarantee performance, quality and safety standards in the open version as well.

 Italdesign Reveals Zerouno Duerta in Geneva

As in the case of the Zerouno coupé, lightness and aerodynamics are the core elements of this new model’s design. Hence, the choice to use carbon fibre for the entire bodywork, accompanied by a generous use of this material in the vehicle’s interior as well. State-of-the-art fibre-layering technology combines with the skills of the craftsmen during the finishing stages to achieve a light weight, despite the car measuring 4,847 mm in length, 1,970 mm in width and 1,204 mm in height.

The modifications made to the chassis to allow the roof — also made of carbon fibre — to be removed have not compromised performance: the powerful naturally aspirated 5.2-litre V10 engine allows the car to attain a top speed of over 320 km/h (198 mph).

 Italdesign Reveals Zerouno Duerta in Geneva

The team of designers has worked with a view to keeping all the characteristics of the Zerouno coupé: the style is consistent with the coupé version, with the same aggressive touches dictated by aerodynamics; the bonnet retains the Y Duct system to optimise downforce and airflow while in motion. The upper and rear parts of the car’s body have been completely redesigned to permit the roof to be removed without compromising performance and comfort when the vehicle is being driven topless.

The designers and engineers completely redesigned the rear part of the cockpit and the engine bonnet, adding two roll-bars for the driver and passenger to ensure their safety in the event of a roll-over. Compared to the coupé version, the Duerta’s engine bonnet features a lowered central portion located between the two rear shoulders.

 Italdesign Reveals Zerouno Duerta in Geneva

The roof can be removed manually, but the Zerouno Duerta also comes with an emergency soft top to be used in the event of inclement weather during a trip.

A unique feature of the Zerouno project is the option for clients to personalise both the exterior and interior of their vehicles. The five lucky owners of the Zerouno Duerta will also have this option.

 Italdesign Reveals Zerouno Duerta in Geneva Italdesign Reveals Zerouno Duerta in Geneva Italdesign Reveals Zerouno Duerta in Geneva Italdesign Reveals Zerouno Duerta in Geneva Italdesign Reveals Zerouno Duerta in Geneva

all images courtesy of Italdesign