Explore more trails and go even further with the Supercharger Mountain e-bike from Riese & Müller. This super-versatile, pedal-assist mountain bike is designed for everything from riding up steep mountains to rolling over rough tracks and ripping rocky descents.

The Supercharger Mountain is a new addition to the brand’s successful Charger line. It’s the first e-bike from Riese & Müller with a fully integrated battery. Utilizing the new Bosch PowerTube, the battery is blended into the frame, creating a seamless aesthetic and preserving the classic mountain bike look.

 The Supercharger Mountain E-bike From Riese & Müller

All Supercharger Mountain comes with one battery as standard but can be fitted with an optional DualBattery delivering a total of 1,000 Wh and up to 100 miles of range on a single charge. With the DualBattery, both Bosch PowerTube batteries are fully integrated into the in the top tube and down tube of the frame making both batteries invisible from the outside. Riese & Müller was among the first E-Bike companies to offer DualBattery technology, ideal for all-day excursions as well as long-distance commuters and anyone who requires greater range and wants to avoid frequent charging.

 The Supercharger Mountain E-bike From Riese & Müller

Other feature includes headlamp and rear red tail light from Supernova both powered by the battery and operated via the Bosh display, and a Bosch Performance CX motor, that reaches pedal assisted speeds up to 20 mph.

Available in Urban Silver Metallic and Electric Blue Metallic the Supercharger Mountain e-bike from Riese & Müller is available for purchase starting at $6,289 USD.

 The Supercharger Mountain E-bike From Riese & Müller