The world’s first fully interactive smart toy Wickedbone promises to solve the dilemma that many dog owners face every day as well the frustration and anxiety that their dogs struggle with. The common problem of dogs that are left home alone, bored and frustrated for hours on end even after their busy families come back home from work, it is now being met by a solution launched on Kickstarter. Wickedbone is an automated interactive bone-shaped toy for dogs that promises to keep them busy, stimulated and having fun while exercising with an interactive mode and an app-controlled device that feels like a game for dog owners and is made to make both dogs and their owners very happy.


Wickedbone is said to offer a fully interactive experience that dogs and their families can enjoy. “When the interactive mode is activated, Wickedbone will responsively play with your dog. So, when your dog runs, Wickedbone runs after it; when your dog chases it, it turns around and runs away; and when your dog ignores it, the device teases her, so that your dog comes back to the game and touches it, making Wickedbone react in different and very engaging modes,” the engineer of Wickedbone explained. This ensures that dogs can have a surprisingly engaging way of playing and enjoying the kind of mental and physical stimulation that keeps them active, healthy and entertained.

 World’s First Smart Dog Toy Wickedbone Come To Aid Bored And Lonely Dogs

“Plus, with its app, Wickedbone lets people control it through a virtual joystick, choosing between the device’s available 9 motions and offering different modes to play at different places,” add the creators. “It’s like any other game that you can play from your smartphone, but in a way that makes your dog happy and allows you to offer her exercising opportunities without requiring any effort from you or even expensive dog sitting or dog walking services.”

 World’s First Smart Dog Toy Wickedbone Come To Aid Bored And Lonely Dogs

The creators of Wickedbone also highlight that the device is made with safe and strong materials, being sufficiently soft to ensure that dogs have a comfortable experience while playing with it. Wickedbone’s developers also say that this smart dog toy can help prevent dog anxiety and the many health and behavioral problems resulting from it.

Wickedbone’s creators are seeking to raise AU$ 10,000 to start a large-scale production of the device to launch it onto the billionaire dog toy and accessory market. Specially priced Wickedbone devices are being offered as rewards for backers who support the campaign. To support the development of the device see its kickstarter campaign here.