Swedish designer of wooden retro consoles Love Hultén has conceived a cabinet inspired by the original Pong arcade game. Pong (Atari in 1972) helped establish the game industry and is often referred as the origin of video gaming. OriginX is a handcrafted wooden tribute and a delicate homage to the Pong cabinet.


Just like its precursor – OriginX is dressed up in an elegant exterior composed of a walnut housing with an aluminum control panel and facade (painted yellow to match the original Pong style, but customizable to whatever color you’d like should you actually buy one.) 

The interior computer serves as an emulator that allows users to play some classic arcade games with up to two players – but by installing additional hardware or using a USB port, virtually any arcade games can be played on the machine. The cabinet can store up to 10,000 games, Hultén says.

 Love Hultén | Originx Arcade Cabinet

The standard version runs on a built-in modern computer, emulating all your favorite games through MAME – but the cabinet can also be customized to run the original JAMMA board of your choice. OriginX comes with a 19″ 4:3 LCD, and to boost the authentic arcade experience Hultén adds a custom barrel distortion filter to mimic classic CRT monitors. OriginX ships worldwide but comes in a limited edition of 50, each unit produced, polished, and assembled by Hultén himself in Gothenburg, Sweden, for €2,899.00 (roughly $3,416.52 USD).