The students from ETH Zurich and the Zurich University of the Arts (ZHdK) want to use the energy available to electric motorcycle users more efficiently and open new possibilities in the world of modern mobility. The result is Ethec, an electric motorcycle that features a massive 15-kWh battery box which offers a range of around 250 miles.

 Etech Electric Motorcycle

While braking approximately 75 % of the energy are dissipated on the front wheel and thus lost on a conventional motorcycle. That is why Ethec is integrating for the first time a front wheel-hub motor. “This additional engine can be used to recuperate braking energy and obtain higher efficiency, safety, and a superior overall driving experience,” explains ETH and ZHdK team. “The lithium-ion battery, consisting of 1260 cells, is kept at its ideal operating temperature by a thermoelectrical cooling system. Ethec creates a reliable and impressive power source by combining a low-maintenance cooling system and a direct-cooling oil stream around all cells.”

 Etech Electric Motorcycle

The monobody is the base of the whole motorcycle design. It is modeled following the shape of a human body. The headlight, attached to the collar, is a key visual element and characterizes the head of the design. The prominent expansion of the shoulders gives the motorcycles’ front view a powerful look. The slim seat represents the waist in front of the broadening rear, which finalizes the shape of the monobody. The whole monobody is kept flat and leaning to the front, thus underlining the dynamic appearance of the motorcycle even at standstill.

 Etech Electric Motorcycle

The operating system sets a new benchmark as well. Recuperation starts intuitively as soon as the driver utilizes the break handle. In the process, recuperation can be controlled gradually and precisely. Because of the Keyless-System, the driver can concentrate on the joy of driving only and drive off at the touch of a button. The 7-inch touchscreen displays all the important information. The driver can use the integrated navigation system to get to his destination quickly and safely.

 Etech Electric Motorcycle

Tech Info:

Battery: lithium-ion technology/400 km range/15 kwh capacity/optimized lifespan achieved through integration of an active and passive oil cooling/continuous monitoring of the cell temperature and the cell voltage

Electronics & Motors: wheel hub motors/22 kw continuous power/up to 50 kw peak power/high voltage interlock for security/variable recuperation

Mechanics, Design & Packaging: tube frame for a low weight/fairing made of carbon-fiber-enforced plastic/girder fork allows geometry optimization/stereo swingarm at the back is a proven design/entire user-interface through a display