For some of us pests such as cockroaches, rats etc., can be terrifying. While not everyone might be intimidated by them, but there is no denying the fact that they can cause serious problems. It has been estimated that rodents alone destroy enough food to feed 200 million people every year. This is a huge figure that shows just how important it is to reduce pest problem which is common among households all around the world.

Dealing with pests can be extremely difficult especially if it’s the first time you’re encountering this problem, which is why we are going to discuss five things you can do to control pest problem at home.


Let’s have a look:


Research About What You’re Dealing With

The first on our list is to research about pests, their inhabitant, and their threats. It is extremely important to learn about the pests that are attacking your home as it can help you come up with a good solution.

Some pests can be dealt with in an easy manner. For example, if you have bed bugs, just washing the infected items and letting them soak in sun might do the trick.

Moreover, this will help you understand why a certain pest is attacking your house. For example, mosquitoes attack damp places. Making sure no water is accumulated in or around your house can help get rid of mosquitoes.


Use Chemical Pesticides

Chemical pesticides act rapidly and are used in a number of different places ranging from houses to farms. Pesticides are available in different forms such as aerosols, solids, and liquids, each of which targets a particular group of insecticide.

You need to buy a chemical that is safe to use. This is very important because some pesticides are very strong and can cause you to feel ill. Also, buy pesticides from a reliable store and only use as directed.

However, a better option is just to find a professional company like to do the job. They are much more reliable and produce good results.


Biological Control

This method involves purposely introducing a predator or parasite that attacks the target pests and hinder their breeding cycle. For example, certain insects feed consume the larvae of the pests reducing their growth.

This method is environmentally safe and is more common in farm settings. In fact, many farmers keep cats as pets just to keep rats away.


Use Natural Method

If protection of plants and other animals is a priority then it is recommended that you use organic methods to eliminate pests. These methods include the use of naturally made insecticides from salt, garlic, soap etc.

Traps and baits are also used along with sodium fluoroacetate, a biodegradable poison. You can find DIY tips online on how to make traps for specific pests. This, however, might not work for all pests.


Keep Your Surroundings Clean

It is extremely important to keep your surroundings clean as most pests are attracted to dirty corners. Practice sterility by throwing your leftover food and residue in the bin. Make sure all parts of your house are clean including cupboards, bathrooms, and floors. Dispose your trash on regular basis and cover septic tanks and drains.