Awake, the premium electric surfboard company in Limhamn, Sweden has revealed a new level of extreme water sports and disrupting the electric watercrafts industry. The development of the Rävik is a collaboration between senior designers, electro- and mechanical engineers, software developers, and production industry professionals. “Our goal has been to deliver a new benchmark within the electrical crafts segment, and no compromises have been made in our pursuit,” says Awake.


The result is an electric machine that thrusts the rider to speeds of up to 30 knots (56 kph/ 35 mph). Just one glance is enough to sense it’s raw power, and the ride delivers. The streamlined, hydrodynamic carbon body of the Rävik is designed to trigger adrenaline both in and out of the water.

“The market for electric surfboards has seen a stagnation in new products that push the limits of what these machines can do,” exlapins Philip Werner, Founder and CEO. “Not much has happened in respect to power and agility, and even less attention has been given to exterior design and user experience. The Awake Rävik completely disrupts the existing arena, and is our statement that great design and great performance belong together.”

 Awake Rävik Electric Surfboards

The Rävik features a proprietary electronics system developed in-house with components strategically chosen for building a long-term, adaptable and scalable system for application in future Awake products. Awake uses multiple safety sensors throughout the system. This includes fundamental features such as temperature monitoring and automatic system shutdown if the product is turned upside down.

 Awake Rävik Electric Surfboards

The superior torque in the Rävik is thanks to it’s patent-pending drivetrain. Awake Direct Drive enables highly efficient water propulsion that bypasses the major losses that are usually experienced in traditional, jet-propelled water crafts. The handheld, wireless throttle is ergonomically designed to reflect the sophisticated power of the Awake board with a 1 inch display showing battery level, speed, and rider mode.

Awake’s primary focus is to become the world’s leading electric surfboard manufacturer by 2020. As of August 1st, Awake will start taking orders through , with deliveries starting in September 2018.